Datastream Digital (DST) has finally unveiled its SUPERSIZED Easi Data Add-Ons and Mobi Plans which new products and upgrades will be available to subscribers starting 9 April.

Chief Executive Officer of DST Radin Sufri Radin Basiuni in a press conference recently announced that the company has upgraded six of its most popular Easi data add-ons.

For their short validity $10 and $20 add-ons, they now have 1GB more data which are at 4GB and 10GB, respectively.

Image: Azrina Zin

Meanwhile, their long validity $40 and $60 add-ons have increased by 5GB to 15GB and 25GB each.

Not only that, but DST also introduced the new Easi Data Add-On with 5GB worth of data valid for up to 30 days at just $13.

What’s even better, the salesco is also giving 1GB data free for those who purchase the new $13 add-on, adding to a total of 6GB.

The extra data is only valid for three days and the promotion runs from now until 8 July.

Image: Azrina Zin

Moreover, there is also a special offer for those who switch from their current service provider to DST and subscribe to Easi.

These customers will receive an extra 3.75GB every weekend; Saturdays and Sundays for four weeks straight, giving them an accumulation of 14.8GB data. This promotion is valid until 21 July.

“If you’re interested to subscribe to Easi, you can simply get the Easi SIM Pack for $0 and all you need to activate the Easi SIM card is a BND10 Easi Recharge. With the BND10 credit you can purchase the Easi $10 Data Add-On and get 3GB for 30 days,” said the CEO at the media briefing.

Source: DST website

Mobi Plans supersized, new plan

For the new Mobi SUPERSIZED, Senior Vice President of Product (Mobile) and Customer Experience of DST Ang Kian Han shared that they have promoted both their Mobi 50 and Mobi 30 plans.

“Mobi 50 has been supersized by 10GB from 20GB to 30GB, while their Mobi 30 has also been supersized with 5GB more from 10GB to 15GB,” he said.

However, DST did not make any changes to their Mobi 80 Unlimited Plan, as it is the biggest line-up for their Mobile Postpaid range

Image: Azrina Zin

The brand has also introduced their new entry-level Mobi 18 plan with 6GB data monthly, unlimited calls and unlimited SMS.

In addition, upon registering for Mobi 18, everyone including non-Bruneians will pay $18 for the advance rental and another $18 for the deposit.

New Mobi subscribers

Furthermore, new DST subscribers who migrated from their existing provider to Mobi will be given the option of choosing to bundle their new Mobi with an Oppo A15, Oppo A15S or Oppo A93 smartphone.

Source: DST website

In addition to that, customers can also get the Mobi with Oppo Bundle for as low as $0 and they will be subscribed to a 24-month contract.

Furthermore, customers can also opt for the $10 rebate when subscribing to the Mobi 30 plan – $10 will be credited for three months.

Whereas for Mobi 50, subscribers will get $10 for five months and eight months for Mobi 80.

Image: Azrina Zin

To top that, if they switch to Mobi 18, they will be given a one-month free rental.

For more information on their Easi and Mobi SUPERSIZED upgrades, visit DST’s website at



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