Supersized and Superspeed!

Datastream Digital (DST) recently launched its new Infinity plans with more data and faster speed.

Image: Courtesy of DST

At the launch of SUPER infinity plans, the Chief Executive Officer of DST Radin Sufri Radin Basiuni shared that the salesco has always been about giving customers better value by giving more data across its range of products.

DST has a wide range of Infinity plans to cater to customers with different pricing and speed demands.

Image: Abrisam Halim

The company upgraded four of its most popular Infinity plans: Infinity 38 now has 300GB up from 200GB; Infinity 58 now has 600GB instead of 500GB with increased speed to 50Mbps from 20Mbps; Infinity 98 has its data increased to 1.3TB from 1TB with increased speed to 50Mbps from 20Mbps, and Infinity 148 has its data increased to 2TB from 1.3TB with speed doubled to 100Mbps from 50Mbps

Moreover, existing Infinity 248 subscribers will have the same data and speed but their monthly bill reduced to $148.

Image: Courtesy of DST

On her part, DST Vice President of Broadband and Digital Business Hajah Suzana Ahmad said that the new plans are effective last week for both new and existing customers.

“DST will transfer (or upgrade) customers to the new plan automatically to ensure a seamless experience where they will receive increase speed or data or both,” she said.

Image: Abrisam Halim

Hajah Suzana said the plan migration will also be completed by 15 April.

Customers whose plans have not been upgraded by then should contact DST or fill up an online form on its website.

Image: Abrisam Halim

Not only that, but DST will also be offering a free Xiaomi Mi Box S for new subscriptions to Infinity 58 and free TP-Link DECO M5 for those switching to Infinity 98 and Infinity 148

The SUPER Infinity plans are now available online, at DST branches and dealers – Deejay, V-com, Concept and Netcom.

For more information on the SUPER Infinity plans, customers can also visit their website

Image: Abrisam Halim



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