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TEAMING up with Singaporean EA Detailer, former home-based auto-detailing name OCDBN now turns its sight towards becoming one of the nation’s detailing powerhouses through its customer-centric approaches.

Operating under the name EAD X OCDBN (Exo Brunei), the detailing company began its conquest by offering affordable packages – with the cheapest being an entry-level ceramic coating set at $699.

Exo Brunei owners Hafiiz Ramle and Abdul Rashid Hj Zakaria said however that the price itself is not indicative of the level of detailing services customers get – but rather to give them space to custom fit the services to suit their needs.

On top of offering their service packs, both owners serve as consultants, making sure their customers get exactly what they want.

“So the price fitting and the packages were set accordingly to serve our branding, that is to bring up Exo Brunei as a name that serves a wider segment of the market,” said Hafiiz.

“We want to brand Exo Brunei as a detailing outlet that services not only high-end cars, but also the normal rides including family cars, which is reflected on their price and package adjustments,” he added.

Exo Brunei is an auto-detailing company that came out of a partnership agreement between Singaporean EA Detailer and local home-based OCDBN – opening up its first outlet in Kiulap earlier this year.

How Exo Brunei approached the detailing market is the result of the research by Hafiiz and Abdul Rashid, made throughout the two years they spent running their home-based detailing services.

“We were gauging the market movement, and we saw an uprising of ceramic coating services – and at the time, we were also experimenting on certain tools and products, to see which one worked and for what market,” said Hafiiz.

“So with that, we were very fortunate to have found a really good partner, EA detailer, who also made its name through its coating products,” he added.

OCDBN and EA Detailer are moving in the same direction, said Hafiiz, making the partnership a perfect fit to grow and become one of the major players in the market.

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