Image: Waqiuddin Rajak

Waqiuddin Rajak

EIGHT students will fly off to Japan to participate the in the “peace building exchange” under the JENESYS2017 programme which is part of Japan’s effort to strengthen its ties with other countries.

These students will be in Japan for nine days to learn and see what the country has to offer in terms of its culture, economy and technology, and understand its business needs to Brunei.

In addressing the students, Japanese Ambassador to Brunei Motohiko Kato highlighted Japan’s public transportation progress and waste management systems as public service models, and wished the students an enjoyable trip exploring what the country has to offer.

Upon arrival to Tokyo, the eight students will move straight to Nagasaki and visit theme-related facilities including Nagasaki Peace Memorial Park and Nagasaki Peace Memorial Museum.

Image: Waqiuddin Rajak

They will also have the chance to listen to lectures delivered by atomic bomb survivors and staff of the facilities.

Through observation, students are expected to consider and discuss how they can contribute well to the peace and stability of the Asian region.

Under the exchange, the eight students will be paired with participants from other ASEAN member states, India and timor-Leste and divided into groups to discuss how youths can; solve issues of local, regional and international conflict; promote interreligious dialogues; address issues of refugees, immigrants and migrant workers; and solve the economic imbalance.

By the end of the exchange programme, students will draw up a “Declaration of Action”, which is the compiled consensus of the discussions.

The declaration will be presented at the reporting session and submitted to ASEAN Secretariat in Indonesia (Jakarta) and Japan’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

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