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THE Energy Kitchen has introduced a new line-up of affordable and healthy dishes to its menu, aiming to encourage more Bruneians to join its “Eat Smart Revolution”.

These new menus include the Sweet Potato Rosti, Chicken Avocado Pizza and a few food items on the kids menu, emphasising the restaurant’s “low carb meal plans” theme.

The Energy Kitchen prides itself with encouraging good healthy eating habits to Bruneians, especially when a lot of children are currently being diagnosed as overweight with high level cholesterol exposing them to risks of health problems including high blood pressure and diabetes.

The eatery aims to guide and educate children to be mindful of the food they consume, not to deprive them of tasting delicious food; rather, to help them find healthier alternatives.


The eatery’s founder Wu Chun said the menu is inspired by the idea of being active in promoting parents to introduce healthy eating to their kids, and set a good example to them.

“If you prepare nutritious food for your family and consume healthy food for yourself as well, your child will be influenced to eat healthier too,” he added.

The Energy Kitchen, which is open every day from 7am to 10pm, is also a participant of the Healthy Restaurant Programme and actively hold events with the Health Promotion Centre.

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