Newly established local fertiliser company Top Grow Bio-Technology has opened its first storefront and main office recently, expressing its commitment towards reducing the sultanate’s bio-waste and converting them to sustainable energy sources. 

Image: Yusri Adnan

Located at the Latiffudin Complex in Tungku-Link, Top Grow provides environmentally-friendly, yet high-performance, biochemical energy solutions to the country in the form of their flagship Black Soldier Fly (BSF) products. 

According to Top Grow Marketing Manager Alawi Shahrin, BSF products namely its larvae and frasse (the excrement of the BSF larvae) have become a rapidly growing industry used by growers worldwide as an effective fertiliser and nutritious animal feed. 

He explained that the BSF is one of the most beneficial species of insects in the world as they are not associated with any disease transmissions, have high nutritional content especially in their larval stage and have healthy microbial excrement. 

Image: Yusri Adnan

“Furthermore, with its short reproduction cycle, the BSF has a high output capability, so on the business side (this high output) would allow us to achieve economies of scale that is able to make our prices low enough to benefit our customers,” he said in an interview during the soft opening of its storefront. 

Alawi shared that Top Grow has farms cultivating the BSF in both Brunei Darussalam and Malaysia, adding that their current local capacity can produce up to 15 tonnes of BSF fertilisers per month. 

Image: Yusri Adnan

Despite having opened its first local storefront recently, the local firm has been operational for a couple of years, catering to a more “corporate market” in Malaysia.

However, due to an increased awareness of sustainable agricultural practices in the sultanate and heeding the call towards environmental preservation, the company felt that the local market is finally ready. 

“That is one of our main missions, to get more and more people to move away from the synthetic chemical fertilisation and move into organic growing, to something that is more sustainable,” continued Alawi. 

Image: Yusri Adnan
Image: Yusri Adnan

“The security of all our futures and the creation of a sustainable community cannot be achieved by one agency, business, or individual alone. Everyone has to be involved. This opening is just the beginning of that journey, and we are fully committed to supporting the community in any way we can,” said Business Development Manager, Ang Kok Ho.

For more information follow Top Grow Bio-Technology’s Instagram @topgrow.biotech

Image: Yusri Adnan

This article was first published on 31 July 2021 in our Weekly E-Paper issue 152



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