World renowned Turkish appliance and electronics brand, Beko has recently launched the Beko BMF – BSF air conditioner, which makes use of the R32 refrigerant, a refrigerant gas that has a lower global warming potential (GWP) and zero ozone depletion potential.

According to Intracorp Brunei, the sole distributor of Beko Brand products in the sultanate, the use of the R32 refrigerant is in line with the European directives for environmental sustainability and the reduction of the greenhouse effect.

Image: Courtesy of Intracorp Brunei

“On global warming it has an effect of about one third less than the refrigerant gas R410A,” they said.

“The R32 gas is characterized by a GWP (Global Warming Potential, the index that represents the impact that a substance can have on the global greenhouse effect) lower than the gases used so far and does not harm the ozone layer,” the company added.

The R32 gas can also be easily loaded and recovered due to it being a pure gas and it is also safe due to its low toxicity and flammability. Furthermore, less gas is required than other refrigerant gases.

It also allows optimal compressor operation by increasing the efficiency of the air conditioner compared to R410A gas.

Image: Courtesy of Intracorp Brunei

Self Cleaning

Other features of the eco-friendly split air conditioner include the Beko Self Cleaning, where the indoor units’ super slit fin helps condensate water flow smoothly, bringing all the dust on the heat exchanger to the drainage system.

When the user turns off the unit, the built-in algorithm of the indoor unit will continue to run on fun mode to ensure that the indoor coil surfaces is fully dry before the unit is turned off. This is to prevent the growth of mold or foul smell.

Image: Courtesy of Intracorp Brunei

Double Hygiene Filter

The high density filter of the Beko BMF – BSF air conditioner also has an activated carbon filter and a cold catalytic filter.

The former traps small particles of dust, absorbs odors in the room and keeps the air fresh, while the latter effectively captures and removes formaldehyde and other volatile organic compounds (VOCs) as well as harmful gases and odors.

Image: Courtesy of Intracorp Brunei

Zone Follow

The Zone Follow function enables the remote control to measure the temperature at its currentlocation.

When using Auto, Cool, or Heat functions, measuring ambient temperature from the remote control instead of from the indoor unit itself, will enable the air conditioner to optimize the temperature around you and ensure maximum comfort.

The Intracorp Brunei retail outlet located in Gadong. Image: Fazizul Haqimie

Ultimately the eco-friendly air conditioner provides innovative air conditioning that combines energy saving and cooling efficiency as a result of using high efficiency refrigerants which not only helps reduce electricity bills but still provides full cooling with various convenient functions.

“The presence of an air conditioner in the house is now very widespread,” said Intracorp Brunei.

“But these devices must not be limited to cooling or heating the air present in the environment since they recover the air from the room and put it back into circulation, many are equipped with special filters capable of removing or limiting the recirculation of dust, pollen and elements,” the company added.



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