One of the dishes at Iron Chef Restaurant. Image: Azrina Zin

Azrina Zin

Inspired by the delicious classic flavours of Asian Cuisine, Iron Chef Restaurant is a blend of Asian fusion and is a must for food lovers looking to experience the taste of quality and innovative dishes.

The new eatery which is based in Hua Ho Manggis Mall offers an assortment of specialty rolls and signature dishes, along with intriguing raw and cooked non-sushi choices, paired with an exciting array of teppanyaki options.

Salmon sashimi, one of the food items at Iron Chef Restaurant. Image: Azrina Zin

Not limited to Japanese cuisines, the restaurant also offers a blend of Asian fusion dishes with origins from Thailand, Chinese and Korean.

Moreover, patrons get to enjoy their seafood prepared with almost every method imaginable either cooked as hotpot, sushi, grilled or fried.

Iron Chef serves guests with the purest of ingredients, all organic and sourced from fresh suppliers.

One of the dishes at Iron Chef Resttaurant. Image: Azrina Zin

Their mouth-watering and popular Wagyu marbling is defined as the combination of authentic flavours with a modern twist handled with care and techniques by their Executive Chef Marcus Ma.

For the restaurant, the food experience does not stop with its taste but also in smell and appearance.

When making a trip to Iron Chef, one will be served and entertained by the executive chef who prepares the decadent Lobster and Salmon sashimi and raw oyster platter.

The restaurant also features a sushi bar which is led by Chef Muhamad Fitri Samson and Chef Jassica Endah, serving an assortment of sushi with their signature item Sushi 23 as well as other traditional sushi rolls.

One of the chefs seen preparing the salmon sashimi at Iron Chef Restaurant. Image: Azrina Zin

One of the most unique options is the debut of their Teppanyaki Stingray, a unique offering that is basically a grilled stingray cooked with their special in-house sauce.

Iron Chef Company Director Andy Sui said that the restaurant will offer sushi and Asian-style cuisine with their own unique sauces made from scratch.

Sui spent most of his time trying out cuisines from all around the world before opening Iron Chef but he does not consider himself a foodie, but more of a family man.

The staff at Iron Chef Restaurant. Image: Azrina Zin

“You see lots of different concepts out there with their varied takes on restaurants. Here at Iron Chef we focus on the food experience for your family to enjoy,” said Sui.

For more information, call them at 2338888 or follow them on Instagram @ironchefsdnbhd.

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