Image: Azrina Zin

Food Messenger has revamped itself into a contemporary foodie hangout in a bid to attract a younger demographic. 

The restaurant, which specialises in authentic Halal Taiwanese cuisine, has recently collaborated with a Brunei-born artist from Taipei, GAVRI’EL, to overhaul the interior and menu, which took three months to complete.

Its founders Evelyn Ting and Jolin Ho wanted a design to reflect on the youth, and ultimately, to create a concept more in keeping with the younger demographics.

Gone are the bright yellow walls that once defined the restaurant, replaced with a cooler shade of rosy pink.

The “Millennial Pink” concept was inspired by the idea of the pink lemonade. This was complimented by matching white tables and chairs. 

Image: Azrina Zin

Each corner of the restaurant includes art installations, curated and arranged by GAVRI’EL.

But the restaurant, which was reopened on June 15 following renovations, still offers its authentic Taiwanese cuisine.

The redesigned menu takes inspiration from Vogue magazine, but continues to include their signature items like cut buns (Gua-bao) and egg rolls (Dan Bing). 

“The menu is an extension of our design. We wanted something that compliments both the food and the restaurant,” GAVRI’EL said in an interview with The Bruneian.

GAVRI’EL said the restaurant plans on introducing coffee beverages into their menu. 

“Most of the younger generation today are spending more money on a better coffee experience.”

“Conversations happen naturally around coffee,” he added.

As part of the rebranding, Food Messenger also launched “Pink Night Out”, a bi-annual event where local creatives and influencers gather at the restaurant and share ideas.

GAVRI’EL said there is a bigger shift happening among restaurants and cafes, which are expanding into the concept of a social space.

“It’s more than just a restaurant, I would like to create a space for more people to come together under one roof, connect, inspire and exchange thoughts,” said GAVRI’EL during the launch on Wednesday evening.

Image: Azrina Zin

Food Messenger is open from 8.30 am to 10.30 pm daily. For enquiries, you can call 2424886 and follow them on Instagram @foodmessengerbn.



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