Free rides for DART’s call-a-cab BETA testers

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Waqiuddin Rajak

DART Logistics is inviting the public to participate as BETA testers for its upcoming call-a-cab services.

To join the programme, members of the public can follow DART’s Instagram and Facebook accounts and share DART Car’s BETA post on their respective accounts.

Then they should tag three of their friends with #dartcarbeta. Within 24 to 48 hours, DART team members will then contact them to give an invite code to the BETA testing.

Through the code, credits will be given for the public to redeem free rides, subject to terms and conditions set by the company.

Pictures: Waqiuddin Rajak and Courtesy of DART Logistics

The public would first have to download DART’s latest mobile app from the Playstore and iTunes before they can proceed with testing the new service.

Additionally, rides will only be available from 9am to 9pm, but DART Logistics CEO and founder Zul ‘Amali Dato Paduka Idris said that this might change depending on the results they gained throughout the four-week testing.

Other than gathering feedback, the move was made to ensure that the DART car service will run smoothly upon its eventual launch, which could be soon after the end of the BETA testing.

The BETA testing programme is a quite common thing for tech apps, said the CEO, in order to prevent bugs and glitches which can hinder operations once the service is launched.

“We are going twofold for this test, one is to see if the app can work well, meaning there will be no bugs and glitches upon launching, and second is the service itself,” the CEO said.

Besides from the app and service, the CEO also outlined that DART also need to ensure its administration, accounting and credit system is working well.

In terms of price, the CEO said DART is adjusting its price lower than the metered taxi tariffs, with the rates adjusted accordingly to the distance and availability of drivers, as well as the time users called for DART services.

The prices were set as such to give a win-win situation to the drivers, said the CEO, with the BETA testing being an avenue for DART to widen its market by determining the hot spots and peak times its cab services might be needed.

“This trial period is also aimed at incentivize people to try our rides. We front the bills and we work with our partners to run at least three BETA riders to streamline the service and get the word out to the public.

“We really need people to talk about it; to share and give their feedbacks, and we want to let them know that even if the service is not perfect yet, it has potential and their input can help us achieve that,” the CEO added.

With the BETA testing, Zul ‘Amali said DART aimed to at least becoming the second choice for transportation among the Bruneians.

“If the first preference is for you to drive, then we would at least want to be the second, or at least on par with your preference of having friends and families to fetch you from somewhere and drop you somewhere,” he said.

DART, he said, has a grand ambition of filling in the gap in the public transportation market by utilising the pool of taxi and private car drivers. The CEO has also recognised some of the projected potentials of what the service could open up to in the future.

The most crucial, however, is for people to warm up to DART’s service, he said, and to take it as a preferred alternative.

Through that, DART aimed to make every Bruneians aware of DART’s call-a-cab service six months after its eventual launch; and by one year, everyone in the country to have at least took a ride with DART cab service.