Geio Restaurant brings the first taste of Persia to Brunei

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Geio Persian Restaurant located on the 1st Floor of Shakirin Complex in Kiulap. Image: Azrina Zin

Azrina Zin

Geio Persian Restaurant serves the best of Persian cuisines at its newly opened eatery in Kiulap, highlighting distinctive tastes of Iran that are rich in herbs and spices.

The Persian restaurant which is located on the first floor of Shakirin Complex is a perfect place to have authentic Persian dishes that are not just scrumptious and hearty but healthy at the same time.

Persian cuisines incorporate a wealth of herbs and spices drawing on Iran’s rich natural culinary resources and is a feast for the senses; from the lemony taste of sumac to the richness of saffron, the sweetness of cinnamon to the warmth of ginger.

Among the herbs and spices used in Persian cooking. Image: Azrina Zin

Restaurant owner Tehran-born Raha said that the herbs and spices are the backbones of Persian cuisines where spices are drenched in and on the food giving them distinct flavours to the culinary and unlike other countries.

“Persian spices are used to give warmth and flavour rather than heat,” she said who picked up most of her food inspiration from her grandmother and from the food she ate during her childhood back in Iran.

“Nearly everything is made from scratch in the kitchen, down to the sauce and soup served alongside many of the dishes,” said Raha.

The interior of Geio Persian Restaurant. Image: Azrina Zin

She further highlighted the health benefits of Persian dishes that are also brilliant for a gluten-free diet where most of the dishes have a “nutritious and medicinal” advantage.

“While there may be a strong emphasis on the meat, there is also an equal amount of attention paid on vegetables,” she said, adding that they serve salads and grilled vegetables too.

The restaurant menu features marinated and grilled meats in several forms and orders such as the shish kebab, Geio sandwiches and falafel.

Some of Geio’s highlighted dishes include the Barberry Rice and Chicken – a hearty dish of potently spiced rice and saffron-stained chicken. It is full of wonderful delicious explosion of flavours from saffron, turmeric and barberry.

Barberry Rice and Chicken, one of the dishes at Geio Persian Restaurant. Image: Azrina Zin

Furthermore, its Geio Kebab is a must-try. It is made up of both lamb and mixed beef and chicken kebabs served with buttery rice.

When savouring the dishes, it is recommended to have them sprinkled with sumac; an essential spice in Persian dishes that complements the food giving a lemony and distinctive taste that helps improve appetite.

Raha added that in Iranian cuisine, sumac is mostly used in kebabs and rice for the extra flavour.

“But it is best used on food before serving and also pairs well with vegetables and grilled chicken,” she said.

Geio Kebab, one of the dishes at Geio Persian Restaurant. Image: Azrina Zin

Not just authentic food, the restaurant also makes special Persian drinks such as the refreshing Khakeshir, a perfect healthy thirst-quencher served in rose water and chia seed.

To experience the mouth-watering Persian dishes, drop by their restaurant at Unit C5, 1st Floor of Shakirin Complex located just above Parvati Textile.

For more details about the restaurant, visit their Instagram @geio_persian_restaurant.

The thirst-quenching Persian drink Khakeshir. Image: Azrina Zin

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