A line of Realmix energy drinks. Image: Ridhwan Kamarulzaman

Quench your thirst with premium drink – REALMIX! – comprising of organic ingredients, the Real beverage is guaranteed to boost your workday and even long nights out.

The quintessential tasting energy drink contains natural sweetener – stevia and zero per cent artificial taurine and is instead replaced with plant-based extracts such as guarana, green tea, schisandra, damiana and mate.

Similar to alternatives in the market, REALMIX contains caffeine as well as guana extract that gives consumers an instant explosion of energy.

The pleasant aftertaste makes it simply irresistible and the perfect drink to have before a busy day or workout.

Manager of the drink’s sole distributor, Borneo Middle East Trading Co, Pg Emran Ahmad, said that the healthy drink originates from Vienna, Austria and is certified halal and suitable for vegans.

“REALMIX is also an anti-doping beverage which means it’s safe to consume during sports activities.”

REALMIX has recently engaged local athletes Fakhri Ismail and Hafiz Alidi as Brand Ambassadors of the drink.

“It definitely boosts your energy just like other energy drinks but what makes it stand out is, REALMIX doesn’t contain taurine and is certified halal.”

“It’s also healthy, contains less sugar and is an anti-doping beverage which means it’s practically the best drink to have as an athlete!”

“The drink also pushes me during trainings and competitions and keeps me awake in times of need,” added the fastest man in the sultanate.

Bruneian Jumper, Hafiz Alidi also praised the energy drink for its smooth taste and low sugar amount.

“That makes it a great drink compared to most drinks which feels stingy upon consumption.”

“The best part is, REALMIX is packed with nutrients to drive you for athletic performance or boost that you need for work,” said the 24-year old athlete who drinks the beverage half an hour before his trainings.

“If you’ve ever experienced ‘lazy days’ or lack of motivation before training, try REALMIX as it will give you the jolt of energy to keep you going,” he added.

At just $1.80 per can, customers can purchase the drink in various stores around the country including Sim Kim Huat Supermarket and Department stores, Hua Ho Department Stores, Syarikat Teeyem Majeed & group, National Inn Emporium and selected gyms around the country.



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