Ghanim International to ‘innovate’ bruneihalalfood products

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Waqiuddin Rajak

GHANIM International Corporation (GIC) is looking at innovative approaches in developing its bruneihalalfood products, in a bid to keep itself in trend with the food market around the world.

The corporation is currently looking to expand its portfolio of products from more than 50 to at least 100 within a year from now, its CEO Dr Nur Rahman told The Bruneian in an exclusive interview recently.

Pictures: Syafiq Affendy

“So just coming up with an array products is not enough, they must undergo a sort of differentiation and innovation before being brought into our (bruneihalalfood) banner,” he said.

He explained that the food market is a fast-moving arena today, with several products being put to shelves every day; and GIC is aiming to make its bruneihalalfood an iconic brand for halal food products in the world.

That is why, he said, innovation is important in setting bruneihalalfood products apart from others; besides bringing Brunei’s credibility as a safe, clean and halal-compliant state to the brand.

“The key word here is innovation,” he said, explaining that it is more than just revamping food packages to make it attractive.

“It is also to do with how the products are profiled and presented to the consumers, and how we can show them better ways on how they can be consumed effectively and so on,” the CEO said.

He gave an example of cordial drinks that was developed taking into account the importance of health amongst consumers; that it is sweet but at the same time healthy, with a number of suggested ways for how it can be effectively consumed by customers.

Among the notable innovative products, said the CEO, is the blue shrimp crackers packed in three different flavors; which has gained popularity in China and soon it will also be exported to Malaysia and Singapore, with GIC also looking to begin talks with Australia and Dubai.

While GIC is moving strong with this idea, it was not until recently that it discovered the need to innovate its products, said the CEO.

“Initially, the plan was to just bring in more products manufactured by the local SMEs and partners, but we discovered that there is a need to make differentiations to ensure our products remain attractive to customers,” he said.

“We might still have long way to go, but with access to innovation, we are confident that we can achieve our aims of making bruneihalalfood an iconic brand to the world,” added the CEO.

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