Image: GHK Motors

GHK Motors recently delivered its Maxus V80 to AEGIS Secure Data Solutions to improve the company’s service in transporting secured documents and items including safes and ATMs.

The firm in a statement said the V80 is designed to meet the needs for these kinds of deliveries, with its integrated body frame being made out of ultra-high-strength steel that greatly enhanced the vehicle’s structural and security performance.

The V80 would also allow AEGIS more access to a spacious cargo area, generous carrying capacity and simplicity of operations and maintenance.

GHK Motors was recently appointed as the authorised distributor for Maxus automobiles, after signing an agreement with Chinese Automaker SAIC Motor Corporation Limited for its Maxus vehicles.

The light commercial van V80 is one of the models the local distributor brought in under this agreement.

Powered by a 2.5L turbo diesel engine, the van can perform up to 135bhp and 300Nm, balancing both performance and economy requirements in the same package.

The van also features a flexible internal layout that allows for easy customisation to fit both passengers and cargo.

Currently, its Sino-foreign joint ventures include such names as Volkswagen and General Motors where SAIC has 40 per cent share since 1998.

The firm also sells products under a variety of brand names through joint venture partners, the most notable of which are the two historic British car marques MG and Roewe.


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