GOLDMYNE group, a one-stop-shop for home development 

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Waqiuddin Rajak

GOLDMYNE group of companies is looking to expand itself further with the opening of the second branch of its subsidiary, Good Home at the Aman Hills Shopping Centre in Kg Sungai Tilong today.

Good Home is a local brand owned and distributed by Townview Sdn Bhd, a subsidiary of the Goldmyne group which has had a long standing history in Brunei’s construction industry.

Good Home’s General Manager David Lau told the media yesterday that Goldmyne, Good Home’s “mother” company is looking to become a one-stop-centre that supervises the steps taken by Bruneians to build their homes; from initial construction to furnishing and then renovation.

A vast variety of products available at Good Home
A vast variety of products available at Good Home
A customer taking a closer look at the furniture section of Good Home

“This is actually a new image that we are looking for, instead of just selling building materials,” he said.

“Previously we were just selling building materials, but as we grow, we decided to expand and produce another company that can also supplement our house development services; and then came Good Home,” he added.

The newly opened second branch of Good Home is selling about 5,000 products ranging from kitchenware to furniture; with some of them also included in-house branded goods manufactured through partnerships with factories from China, West Malaysia and Thailand.

Good Home has already established a branch at the capital, but the second branch at Aman Hills Shopping Centre, said Lau, will be the largest the brand will have in Brunei.

A vast variety of products available at Good Home
Opening ceremony of Good Home yesterday

The launching ceremony yesterday was also accompanied with various fun games and activities; with Lau also announcing that Good Home now has a loyalty membership scheme, where the first 300 registered customers are entitled for a special free gift.

“This store is a huge step towards continuing Good Home’s mission in providing variety and quality in household items, kitchenware, sanitary-ware, home and industrial products and furniture,” he said.

“In line with our commitment to quality and enriching life standard of Bruneians, Good Home is continually adding quality-proven brands and updating its catalog; therefore, the opening of a larger branch will definitely allow Bruneians an easy access to the best products to complete their homes,” he added.

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