Waqiuddin Rajak

Goodfellas Gaming (Goodfellas) remained Brunei’s undisputed Counter-Strike Global Offensive (CSGO) champion after defeating Team Hit & Run (HNR) at the finals of the 6th Gaming Tournament: CSGO edition yesterday.

HNR was set to snatch the championship title from Goodfellas at tournament as they fight on Vertigo for Round 1, and Train for Round 2 – with the possibility of facing off on Overpass if there was a Round 3.

HNR initially dominated the first round, but their pace was too risky and impulsive that their strategies were easily read by Goodfellas, who maintained a calm but calculating game – leading to its victory for both rounds.

Goodfellas Gaming team posing for a picture with their prizes. Image: Waqiuddin Rajak

Winning the tournament for the third time however was not a reason for Goodfellas to be complacent, as its Captain Thong Tao Jian pledged that the team will train harder to defend its title in any upcoming tournaments.

The team will also strive to improve its gameplay as it plans on acing national qualifiers, looking forward to pitch its skills against international CSGO teams.

Taking home the championship title, Goodfellas also earned medals, HyperX gaming equipment and cash prize.  Claiming the third place after Goodfellas and HNR was RPG Jumanji.

A total of 16 teams participated in the three-day tournament, which was held through a partnership between Netcom Computer House, BruGames and Times Square Shopping Centre starting April 19.

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