Brunei Darussalam has introduced the Energy Efficiency (Standards and Labelling) Order, 2021 that ensures electrical appliances sold in the country meet the minimum energy performance standards (MEPS) as the nation gears towards reducing power consumption and greenhouse gas emissions.

The new law which is set to be fully enforced on 14 June 2022 will be done in phases with air-conditioning systems to be the first appliance regulated under it.

(L-R): Assistant Director of the Sustainable Energy Division Abdul Salam Hj Abdul Wahab, Deputy Permanent Secretary of Energy Pg Hj Jamra Pg Hj Petra and Director of Legal and Compliance Division Mohammad Nizam Hj Ismi during the press conference. Image: Yusri Adanan

The ministry of energy has set the minimum energy performance standards of 2.9 coefficient of performance (COP) for air-conditioners with a capacity below 7.1kW.

In a press conference recently, Deputy Permanent Secretary of Energy Pg Hj Jamra Pg Hj Petra announced that the order aims to reduce and subsequently restrict the entry of non-energy efficient appliances into the country.

Ministry of Energy’s poster containing the sample of Brunei Energy Label. Image: Analisa Amu

“The Order also aims to promote the usage of energy-efficient home electrical appliances among the public in support of the country’s target to reduce energy intensity to 45 per cent by 2035,” he said, adding that the standards consider ASEAN benchmarks.

He further said that the previous Brunei Darussalam Energy Consumption Survey conducted among Brunei households found that air conditioners consume the highest energy, accounting for 60 per cent of total energy consumption in the country.

Deputy Permanent Secretary of Energy Pg Hj Jamra Pg Hj Petra in a press conference. Image: Yusri Adanan

The Order is not limited to air conditioners but also regulated to other electrical appliances such as refrigerators and lighting, in stages according to priority.

The deputy permanent secretary also announced that a labelling scheme which uses a star rating system will be implemented under the Order.

Eco-label stickers containing energy stars, appliance type and energy consumption, among others, will be placed on air-conditioners with the aim to educate consumers on energy-efficient appliances available in the market.

Image: Shutterstock

As part of enforcement, added Pg Hj Jamra, the ministry and relevant authorities will conduct unscheduled inspections at all Royal Customs and Excise control posts as well as business premises nationwide to ensure procedures under the Order are met.

Towards realising the goal, the new law will be on a one-year grace period from 14 June 2021 until 13 June 2022, allowing retailers and distributors to phase out electrical appliances that do not meet the new energy requirements.

During the 12-month period, the ministry will host roadshows and consultations in all districts with relevant parties and electrical appliances suppliers as well as conduct training programmes for law enforcement officers.



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