Greengold Technologies weighs up business opportunities in multiple sectors

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Chief Executive Officer of Greengold Technologies Amalina Major (Rtd) Abd Khalid (R) cuts the ribbon during the offical launch of Greengold Technologies rebranding at Starlodge Hotel in Jerudong. Image: Analisa Amu

Analisa Amu

Local equipment calibration firm Greengold Technologies (B) is looking into the viability of offering calibration services to several sectors in Brunei including oil and gas.

Formerly known as Nusantara Technologies, the company is collaborating with Malaysian-based firm Pyrometro (M) Sdn Bhd to potentially provide technical support and training in calibration services to the catering, medical, food and beverage as well as oil and gas sectors.

Deputy Managing Director of Greengold Technologies Abd Mutalif Md Tahir delivering his opening remarks at the Greengold Technologies calibration corporate presentation. Image: Analisa Amu

“With their presence with us in Brunei, I am very much positive that we can serve our local companies who need calibration services to calibrate their machines and equipment for accuracy as they don’t need to outsource outside Brunei anymore. It is cost effective for them as everything is done locally,” Greengold Technologies Deputy Managing Director Abd Mutalif Md Tahir told The Bruneian.

The company currently provides four types of calibration expertise to its clients covering temperature, pressure, mass and torque.

The services are performed in their laboratory in Jerudong, he said.

He added Pyrometro may also assist in providing calibration jobs in other areas when required.

“For temperature and mass, for example, chillers in restaurants or weighing scales need to be checked at least once every 12 months to ensure the equipment give precise measurements and eliminate inaccuracy,” said Abd Mutalif.

Talking about the demand for such services, he said: “Our local industries are growing… we have big local and international companies operating in Brunei and so of course we see a lot of potentials. We may start small first as we want to test the waters but we hope to expand our services to other scopes.”

Greengold Technologies was established early this year and has employed two local engineers who will undergo two months training with its Malaysian counterpart.

“We hope to not only increase our scopes and disciplines but to also grow bigger in the number of employees. We are still taking in applicants… in the long run, we hope to be a training centre for calibration services,” said Greengold Technologies Chief Executive Officer Amalina Major (Rtd) Abd Khalid.

Pyrometro is a one-stop calibration Malaysian company which laboratories are accredited by United Kingdom Accreditation Service (UKAS) and was acquired by the France-based company Trescal in 2017.

Attendees and potential clients of the Greengold Technologies calibration corporate presentation held at Starlodge Hotel in Jerudong. Image: Analisa Amu

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