Local startup Grominda has shifted its business focus to conducting market research on consumer insight with the aim to provide data to stakeholders for better decision-making.

In an interview with The Bruneian, the chief executive officer and founder of Grominda Aiman Minorhadi said that the business’ previous focus which emphasised on human capital development, has enabled the new move.

“We have been doing research in the back scene for quite some time already. When we look back at the projects we did with our clients, it involved research. We understand the whole process and there are only minor things that we need to learn so that we could be more competent in the area,” he said.

Image: Grominda

Grominda started in 2016 with a mission to help solve local unemployment and has developed several platforms connecting young talents with companies for work experience opportunities such as internships and volunteering.

They previously developed an online website dubbed “Plus-EXP” that caters to jobseekers and conducted upskilling programme such as Brunei Hacks with partner AITI.

“We are very data-driven so based on the data that we found via the platform we came up with a few ideas and courses that got us connected with other stakeholders and partners,” he said.

When starting the internship programme, Aiman added, some employers were still not satisfied with the interns and that made Grominda thinking, what does an employer actually looking for? 

“The first thing is attitude and some basic skills they have learned in school like constructing email and drawing reports, among others. When we learned about it, that was when we came up with our own training called employability starter pack,” he said, adding that this data has influenced their new move.

Co-founder Anthony Sigar further said that the team not only performs a single task for a project but goes beyond and identified numerous things that matter to clients.

“When given a task we did not just sit down and simply do what they asked us to. In the case of when a client experienced high turnover, we found out why and it was actually more than one causing factor,” he said.

Image: Iqbal Dato Selamat

The research company is currently offering consumer insights that focuses on two areas; understanding customers based on retaining current ones or acquiring new customers and; understanding the reasoning behind how customers behave towards a brand or company.

“…whether it is either due to the company’s SOPs or marketing delivery or the people. So with these findings, organisations will be able to know which area they can improve. We help organisations make data-driven decisions,” he said.

For its latest service, Grominda caters to any type of business with business-to-consumers companies as their target audience.

“We have already started (the service) and we are working towards connecting with people and organisations at the moment. What we hope to aspire is to be able to have our own platform that could get us secondary data. With data itself, by making sense of it, there are a lot of improvements that can be done,” concluded Aiman.

Interested parties to engage with Grominda can contact them at +673 8297027 or ask@grominda-group.com

This article was first published on March 27, 2021 in our Weekly E-Paper issue 134



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