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GROMINDA Group unveiled its online website platform product dubbed ‘Plus-EXP’ that caters to provide work experience opportunities to jobseekers.

The product, which was launched at the D&T Building in Anggerek Desa, enables youths or talents to apply for internships offered by companies.

The platform is intended to make it easier for people to connect directly with companies that offer jobs so as to address the issue of lack of working experience among youths.


In his speech, the co-founder of Grominda Group, Md Firdaus Bohari, shared on how he and his partner got the idea to create their own work experience platform.

“Back in our university days, getting a working placement is on first come first serve basis and is there enough slots for everyone? So, when we seek for job vacancies, the basic requirement is at least two years work experience. We asked ourselves what if there is a platform for work experience through internship?” he reminisced.


Md Firdaus and his partner Aiman then decided to take part in the ‘100 days startup boot camp’ conducted by Darussalam Enterprise (DARe).


In a press statement, Grominda Group said that is also working with both institutions and companies to align university courses in Brunei with job market demands.

Plus-EXP also includes trainings and workshops such as CV Clinics and Interview Techniques workshop given by its recruitment consultant once a talent signs up on the website.

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