CUSTOMER satisfaction is of utmost importance for Constance Enterprise and how much more satisfaction can one ask for when tending to basic creature comforts.

A whole lot more obviously as Managing Director Nick Leong pointed out at his newly opened interactive showroom yesterday.

Want to be surrounded by luxury while taking care of business? Or would you prefer to experience nature while answering nature’s call? “We have everything for everyone,” said Nick.

True enough as we walked through his customer friendly showroom, we saw and experienced things in his little realm of bathroom fittings we never even knew were available to customers here in Brunei.

From glow in the dark tiles to motion sensor faucets and remote controlled toilet bowls, “everything for everyone,” Nick repeated throughout the visit.

“What we do here is we work to your needs. We don’t just simply sell you our products. We help you to create your ultimate bathroom experience and all well within budget,” said Nick.

To help clients create their ideal bathrooms Nick dedicates a team of consultants to understand their needs and provide them with solutions that work to their satisfaction, all free of charge.

He even opens the showroom up after office hours to accommodate his clients’ availability for consultation if that is what it takes, said Nick.

Speaking of bathroom experiences, our visit to his showroom did include an actual visit to the bathroom. Touring the place however we didn’t really see an actual working toilet.

Towards the end of the interview as if he knew all along, Nick placed his hand on a wall panel, leaned into it and to our amazement, the wall panel clicked open to reveal the elusive office toilet.

“Everything for everyone,” said the managing director.


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