Hewlett-Packard Enterprise to have a more customer-centric approach

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Waqiuddin Rajak

Hewlett-Packard Enterprise is coming up with stronger customer-centric strategies to further consolidate its grip on the Bruneian market.

The American-based IT company recently held a briefing to update its Bruneian clients on the latest products and services it has brought into the market.

Besides from promoting its latest storage and server portfolios, the briefing also saw an extensive elaboration on HPE’s maintenance and support service, the HPE Support Plus.

HPE Support Plus can be summed up as a service where the company’s technical resources will be working with clients’ IT teams to resolve hardware and software problems.

At the same time, HPE will also be providing consultation support to help its customers not only to maximise the use of HPE products, but also to help them better achieve their company objectives and aims in the long run.

HPE’s Country Manager for Asia and other emerging countries Naresh Rishi affirmed that when it comes to IT and infrastructure, HPE is a company that brings end-to-end solutions to its clients.

Pictures by: Syafiq Affendy

“Within the infrastructure landscape, it is not the product alone that customers looking at; it is also the solution-scape,” said the country manager.

We are not just a hardware company, we are to help our customers in their transformation journey,” he added.

With a lot of potential investments coming up from Brunei, HPE only wished to ensure all of its Bruneian customers and partners are updated with the products and solutions they have brought into the market.

Being in the country for more than a week, the country manager shared that he also had the chance to meet with Bruneian customers and understand their expectations on HPE products.

At the same time, he had also clarified any questions arising from the solutions HPE provided to them, and provide consultations on how HPE can help the customers to pave their ways on the future roadmap.

Despite some changes in the Bruneian market, Naresh said he is still happy that HPE customers are still well-informed on the company’s products.

“This is a positive sign and it gives us the opportunity to talk about next-gen solutions, instead of just focusing on their current problems,” he said.