Homegrown fashion brand House of Nur recently launched its second collection dubbed “Resilience”, offering modern and elegant ready-to-wear pieces for customers who are looking to make a strong fashion statement.

Its founder and creative director of Dk Farah Sauhana Hj Rosli is inspired to create a collection that makes women feel feminine, elegant and exclusive.

“It is a collection for women to feel confident in their own skin while also celebrating femininity in all forms,” she said, adding that her inspiration is powered by the women around her.

Moreover, the Resilience collection focuses on black, white and gold colours that represent a significant meaning in Farah’s journey as a designer.

For her, the colour ‘black’ represents the beginning and challenges faced in her journey as a fashion designer, whereas ‘white’ signifies hope and new beginnings and lastly, ‘gold’ shows resilience.

The collection features 11 design pieces, each a standout on its own and is given women’s first names which are Katharina, Alyssa, Adelia, Raissa, Safiyya, Camilla, Khayla, Izara, Rania, Khalisa and Jasmine.

Bold, beautiful, and stunning in black, the Adelia Blouse and Skant from the Resilience collection definitely bring out the confidence in anyone who wears them.

The piece embodies the juxtaposition between the masculine and the feminine with the perfect statement pieces and ruffles to make you feel powerful yet stylish.

On the softer side, the Alyssa Kebaya puts a modern twist on old, classic beloved kebaya design that features an ethereal white, delicate and fluttery texture.

Another highlight is the elegant gold piece, the Jasmine Kurung with its handmade organza flower embellishments which design was inspired by the simplicity and sleek silhouette of the traditional kurung Pahang.

The ready-to-wear Resilience collection is available to order with a price range from $80 to $200 or customers can also rent the design pieces from only $26 to $50.

The woman behind the design

Starting her own fashion line was always a thought for the budding fashion designer. Farah has always been attracted to fashion and felt happy expressing herself with clothing.

“Clothes have made a huge impact in my life. It gave me confidence,” she said.

Farah starts her design process by cutting out pictures from old fashion magazines that she had collected from which she would make use for her mood board to reinterpret them to create a new design.

The budding fashion designer discovered her growing desire for fashion when she studied at Temasek Polytechnic’s Design School in Singapore but was not quite sure how she could turn her passion into a career.

She started off by designing casual and formal clothes for herself clothes and her friends for years. Now, she designs modest-wear fashion to suit her customer’s profession.

But the process of making her dream a reality did not come without its challenges. Farah recalled the trial and errors she faced to set up her own business.

Keeping her motivated constantly was her father who is also her biggest supporter, often helping her when she is searching for fabric and materials.

House of Nur debuted with a collection of modest wear made using unique textiles and materials and incorporating the ‘Bunga Simpur’ identity.

“In 2017, we joined the Modest Fashion Network competition with Jovian Mandagie as the judge,” she added.

“Alhamdulillah, House of Nur managed to get second place in the competition which was a huge stepping stone for local designers like us.”

The brand further gained recognition for its Runway Collection at the Asia Islamic Fashion Week in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia and the London Muslim Lifestyle Show which marked an important milestone for the young designer.

Those experiences armed her with an array of skills to take on daunting challenges which personally inspired Farah to create House of Nur’s latest Resilience Collection.

The brand’s new Resilience Collection is not just a testament to how far the brand has grown but it also represents her new-found confidence to face challenges head-on to reach her desired goal.

Furthermore, in the near future, she expressed plans to expand the House of Nur collections and to open up a walk-in boutique store in Serusop where customers could try on their clothes.

The designer believes that having a physical store alone is not enough but also wants to focus on building a strong relationship with customers to ensure they know they are valued.

Aspiring to establish herself in the local fashion scene, Farah looks forward to the challenges that come ahead, with a desire to grow the House of Nur brand both locally and internationally.



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