An official from ITPSS delivering a talk at Cosmopolitan College of Commerce and Technology. Image: Courtesy of Cosmopolitan College of Commerce and Technology

IT-based courses are gaining popularity in local private colleges, especially with more industries now moving to integrate digital technologies to improve business operations.

Representatives from Cosmopolitan College of Commerce and Technology, Laksamana College of Business (LCB), Micronet International College and International Graduate Studies College (KIGS) told The Bruneian that there is a shift in the current job market that demands experts to not only be skilled in business, but also in IT.

Acting Director and Principal of Cosmopolitan College Nadirah Jambul highlighted that understanding IT is becoming more important as businesses today require computerised procedures to operate well.

“IT and business go hand-in-hand, nowadays even if you know business, it’s useless if you don’t know how to use a computer,” she said.

“I’ve realized students that excel are usually broad and open minded, allowing them to explore success in different paths, we cannot depend just on the jobs that are on offer right now,” she continued.

“We are very reliant on technology so we see more need for IT specialists in the future such as mobile application programing and data analysis,” she added.

Towards this, Cosmopolitan College had also operated video gaming courses since 2016 to latch onto the growing e-sports trend in Brunei.

Similarly, Micronet International College is also trying to adapt to the job market to meet demands for more IT solution experts, designing its courses to be more flexible to suit the current and coming industrial needs.

Mr Jay Santhanam, lecturer from the Laksamana College of Business said: “In Brunei with the unemployment rate, for our students we want to create opportunities for them to become entrepreneurs.”

“IT is a response to the advances in digital innovation like AI and the Internet of Things, we want to try and trigger the minds of the students to venture into something different with the skills they learn here in our classrooms,” he added.

At KIGS, Sonny Jumpo, the head of academics said: “it’s about self-expression be it through speech, art or any media and giving them an opportunity to entrepreneurship”

“Entrepreneurship for us is a mindset of competitiveness to present the best of who you are and we hope to achieve our student’s future employability as they are the products of our proud effort and contribution to the country,” he added.



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