Craving for something rich in flavour? Something crispy? Something hearty? 

Roti Culture has you covered with the unveiling of three new mouth-watering dishes; namely the Nasi Lemak Raja, Roti Rendang and Roti Sunrise, which were launched in conjunction with His Majesty the Sultan’s 75th birthday.

Founder of Roti Culture Wu Chun with the three new dishes. Image: Analisa Amu

Priced at $9.90, $6.90 and $4.50 respectively, the new menu is intended to ignite the feeling of gastronomic adventure by providing customers a fresh outlook and taste to the table

Owned by Brunei’s own international celebrity and entrepreneur, Wu Chun, Roti Culture, which has recently been Halal Certified, wants to give you the royal treatment especially with the aptly named Nasi Lemak Raja.

The three new dishes of Roti Culture. Image: Analisa Amu

Served with fresh Pandan-rich rice served, crispy Ayam Penyet, a side of the eatery’s signature series Beef Rendang along with some flavoursome condiments, this dish is truly an experience fit for a king.

If you are a fan of Roti Culture’s delightfully crispy roti but also seeking that thrill of something new to try, their Roti Rendang might be the perfect choice for you.

One of the new dishes at Roti Culture Nasi Lemak Raja. Image: Analisa Amu

A combination of their highly popular light and crispy Roti Kosong and the chef’s signature Beef Rendang, this dish provides a perfect flavor and texture combo that is a must-try for all the Roti Culture fans out there. 

Last but certainly not least, is the nutrient and protein-packed Roti Sunrise which again features the eatery’s beloved roti but made even heartier with creamy eggs done sunny-side-up and their famous curry gravy.

Wu Chun seen holding the Halal certificate. Image: Analisa Amu

This all-day menu is sure to give you the satisfaction that you deserve as well as a taste that is suited to jump-start your day.

“We are so fortunate to bring this new set of dishes in the menu as part of the celebration of His Majesty’s 75th birthday and it’s a double celebration for Roti Culture as we finally get the Halal certification,” said Wu Chun.

One of the new dishes at Roti Culture Roti Sunrise. Image: Analisa Amu

“The Halal certification ensures that ingredients used during the cooking process meet a high level of standards in safety and cleanliness and we are proud to be able to serve quality dishes at Roti Culture,” he added. 

For more information, follow their Instagram @roticulturebrunei or contact them at 242 1000.

One of the new dishes at Roti Culture Roti Rendang. Image: Analisa Amu



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