J3sMart brings seamless online shopping to Brunei

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Analisa Amu

J3sMart is the latest to make waves in Brunei’s budding e-commerce scene, and it’s not just another run-off-the-mill online shopping site to have recently cropped up in the country.

Bearing the motto ‘Something for Everyone’, the online shopping site has everything that customers need, from clothing to toys to electrical appliances to machineries. The store aims to be a one-stop shop for all, be it regular consumers or businesses.

In addition, J3sMart provides an overall seamless shopping experience for its customers from order placement right down to shipment.

“There are many things that are not available in Brunei so we wanted to create a platform that is convenient and easy for customers to buy the things that they want,” said June Goo, the online store’s manager.

The startup was founded by three siblings who were inspired by thriving shopping websites like eBay and Zalora while they were studying abroad.

Realising the growing trend for online shopping in the sultanate, June and her brothers Jeff and Justin seized the opportunity by developing j3sMart.com and launched the site in February last year.

Other products sold on the website include shoes, bags, PCs, phones, jewellery, watches, sports and fitness, auto and hardware, and home office appliances.

Since then, the online store has received overwhelming orders and purchases from local consumers.

“We have repeated orders every week and month and sometimes several orders in a day by the same customer,” said June, adding that sales normally peak during the free shipping promotion, also known as the ‘Double Eleven 11.11 Free Sea Shipping’.

“It is during this promotion that we received about 300-500 orders in a week,” she added.

According to the manager, shipment takes 4 to 10 days by air and 14 to 28 days by sea.

“Our main service is what we call ‘Shop4u’ in which you shop online with J3sMart as per normal.

“The other service is the ‘Ship4u’ where basically customers buy their own stuff from elsewhere and, by providing the item details to us, they can get it delivered to our China warehouse and ship it to Brunei,” said the manager, adding that they share their carrier services with Sivli Logistics Sdn Bhd, a sister company of J3sMart.

Ultimately, the co-founders want to make it easier for Bruneians to buy goods that they want from China through its platform.

“Being based locally and having the headquarters here, customers can go directly to us should they face any problems. If the items are faulty, we can get them replaced or refunded depending on the issue. You get to meet us face-to-face,” added the 21-year-old.

The one-year-old company employs a small but strong and dedicated team to ensure the smooth flow of operations at its physical showroom in Beribi and pick-up kiosk in Kuala Belait.

The store is confident that the business would thrive in Brunei due to the country’s high internet penetration as well as a booming e-commerce market in Asia.

“Around 86 per cent of the Brunei population are connected to the internet. You can say Brunei is one of the top internet users in Asia, and we have access to shop online,” said Jack Wong, the company’s marketing executive, adding that online shopping is big business in the region.

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