Jeep Owners Group Brunei (JOGB) recently convoyed to the remote village of Sukang in Belait Distict with their Jeep vehicles to visit Dato Maharaja Setia Dian (DMSD) Sukang Primary School.

The journey took approximately three hours on a single trip starting from Sg Liang, dashing through virgin jungles and rugged terrains before reaching the destination located at the end of Sukang road.

Several members of JOGB along with members of the media had the opportunity to experience the journey and witness the day-to-day lives of the pupils and teachers at the school.

Upon arriving at the village, the group were greeted with smiles and happy cheers of students.

The heartwarming welcome and fresh air made the whole ride tireless and worthwhile.

The trip was led by officers from the Ministry of Education.

Nur Khadijah Hj Ismail, a representative from JOGB, said that her team decided to do the trip and visit the school as part of their social responsibility.

“It was my first time going to Sukang and at the same time trying new routes, visiting new places. I love doing charity work and so we decided to go and see the students up close,” said the extreme sports 4WD enthusiast.

The team was briefed about the history and background of the primary school by the school headmistress Rosnah Datu Maharaja Setia Haji Muhd Simpok.

Right after the briefing, the JOGB team members toured around the humble school interacting with other teachers and pupils before the delegation was treated to some local delicacies.

The JOGB members handed over gifts to the pupils that include Aloe Vera Tooth Gel and Forever Kids Supplement courtesy of FLP Enterprise.

“I did not expect there would be a school in such a very remote area… I felt happy and touched at the same time when I get to see the life of the pupils there. They are living in a peaceful environment,” said Nur Khadijah.

“The school has limited facilities compared to schools in the city which I hope those concerned should help better their studying and teaching environment. 

“The roads leading to the village should be improved so as to make it more accessible since it is away from town,” she added.

For its upcoming plan after the Sukang trip, the JOGB team will go camping at a hot spring in Kg Melilas and bring basic necessities to the DMSD Sukang Primary school.



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