(L-R): Lead contingent and Jeonsa Academy Founder Mohd Yazid Mohd Taib, Adi Syarani Roslan, Norhani Besar and MMW Deputy CEO Michelle Lo. Image: Ridhwan Kamarulzaman

Local fighters managed to make a name for themselves after taking part in the 11th Any Martial Arts (AMA) Championship finals held in Malaysia recently, with one member securing the top spot in the Men Under 60kg category.

After attaining the top positions in their respective categories, Jeonsa Academy fighters Mohd Yazid Mohd Taib (Men below 70kg), Adi Syarani Roslan (Men below 60kg) and Norhani Besar (Women above 60kg) came head to head with international fighters of various striking backgrounds in Malaysia’s largest international amateur kickboxing league.

Winning the 11th AMA belt for the Men Under 60kg category, Adi Syarani whose final battle with Malaysian fighter Mohamad Hamkah was recognised as one of the best fights in the tournament, was nonplussed at being the champion of his category, anticipating the win from the get-go.

“Any time I enter the ring, as a fighter my only objective is to knock out my opponent and to win, there are no other options,” he said in an interview with The Bruneian.

Despite the number of knock-outs under his belts as he made his way into the finals, Adi Syarani revered his opponent, describing his final match as a challenge due to Mohamad Hamkah’s endurance.

Lead contingent and Jeonsa Academy Founder, Mohd Yazid explained the experience as being different and eye-opening.

Sharing the same sentiment as Adi Syarani, he explained how fear has no place in the ring.

“We have to focus our minds when inside (the ring), whoever stands across from you, whether they are friend, foe, stronger or weaker (than you), they are your opponent, and they need to go down if you want to win”.

Being bested by an Iranian fighter during the second match for the Men Under 70 kg category, Mohd Yazid was undeterred by the loss as he hoped to use the experience to better his fighting skills in the future.

“Because the event (11th AMA) called on many martial arts practitioners, we had the experience to engage with fighters of different backgrounds, from Muay Thai, Taekwondo, Silat, there were numerous different fighting styles that we had to contend with,” he said.

Determined to enter many more international martial arts tournaments in the future, Mohd Yazid intends on conducting more training; hoping to strengthen their flexibility not only in terms of mobility or reaction time.

“With this new year, we want to try improve ourselves by conducting more training collaborations with other local dojos like Khalifah Mixed Martial Arts and enter more tournaments with belt titles,” he said.

“We also would like to enter more tournaments with belt titles, hoping to try something new like Brazilian Jiu-jitsu,” concluded Mohd Yazid.

Their participation in the championship was sponsored by MMW.



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