Image: Syafiq Affendy

FUJIFILM digital cameras rake in high sales for Rose Photo Studio owing to its all-round technological features and classic design favoured by local shutterbugs.

The manager of the Tutong-based photo studio, Joseph Han, noted that there has been an increasing trend in acquiring the Japanese model in the past years.

“People know the brand and they love it… we started selling Fujifilm cameras since 2015 and recorded over 900 purchased units up till last December,” he said.

“There is a big demand for the brand and the XT10 model made a record of more than 400 pieces sold after it was launched in Brunei back in June 2015 while the Nikon D90 sold over 100 units.”

The change in camera technology from analogue to digital over time does not hinder the growth of Fujifilm as the brand is able to adapt to current trends.

“The market for the camera will not dissolve as long as there are still people interested. People who love photography be it amateurs or professionals all have their own preferences. Everyone has their own style of taking photos and Fujifilm has the capabilities of catering to everyone’s needs through its state-of-the-art features,” said the business owner.

Image: Syafiq Affendy

The Japanese brand has been around for over 80 years since its inception and the brand is well-known from one generation to another. 

He added: “There is still demand for it from then till now. It is the mirrorless era. Just like the tagline on one of Fujifilm’s campaigns that says ‘Evolution to Revolution’, in the past people used to bring along more than one cameras due to the different features and capabilities contain in each camera but now, all (of the features and technology) can be found in just one camera. It is more portable now and that is why I love using Fujifilm.”

Han’s great after-sales service is also one of the reasons for customers to come back to his store.

“We offer them our service… profit or not, that is entirely a different matter. What’s important is the service we give to our customers. If the camera is faulty, they can send them back here and we can fix them. What customers want, we can accommodate to them here easily,” said the business owner.

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