Managing Director of Kensington BN Ismail Mourad (R) giving British High Commissioner Richard Lindsay (L) a tour around Kensington BN Image: Wardi Wasil.

UK specialty store, Kensington BN recently relocated to Aman Hills Shophouse to give customers a better shopping experience.

Four times larger than its previous area at Kg Sg Tilong, the new store is inspired by the city of London, with the installation of British icons including the famous red telephone box and the queen’s guard.

With wider aisles and a better product display, consumers will enjoy choosing the best of UK products from snacks, kitchen appliances and even merchandise.

Customers checking out the newly launched merchandise available at Kensington BN. Image: Wardi Wasil.

Managing Director of Kensington BN, Ismail Mourad said the move was prompted after realising the store was lacking space to store growing inventory and to accommodate the high demand for international products.

“We wanted to deliver a better experience of the products we sell rather than just stacking them on the shelves. To do that, we needed more space,” said Ismail.

The relocation came after identifying the shophouse as a strategic location in a retail and residential area with ample parking space – making it easily accessible for customers.

Customers checking out the products available at Kensington BN. Image: Wardi Wasil.

During the opening ceremony, Ismail in his speech said that Kensington BN strives to become a place that brings home UK products at affordable prices while bringing nostalgic feelings to customers who have lived in the UK.

Additionally, the UK specialty store hopes to highlight more on “Customer Experience” by presenting something unique for the market.

To further stimulate new ways to market its products, Kensington BN created a Youtube Channel, BruMonkey to review products from their shelves.

Customers paying for their items. Image: Wardi Wasil

“What started out as reviewing products from the store has now evolved into food tasting and bubble tea challenges,” he said.

“We are (currently) exploring (more) fun and creative ways to offer customers an enhanced shopping experience and to meet their evolving needs, which includes offering more products with good value.”

Ismail added that the second aim of the establishment is to expand into a production house and make it into a one-stop, shared service hub for local creatives to gather.

A lounge for customers to relax and also enjoy the coffee available at Kensington BN. Image: Wardi Wasil

“The ambition to explore into production is to support the local creative industry and to provide them with a wider platform.”

Kensington BN first started off as a distribution company supplying eight UK products which then led to the opening of a small physical store in 2017.

“Alhamdulillah, today we are proud to inform that we are currently housing up to 800 different products with more varieties at a bigger space,” said Ismail.

He added that customers are responding positively to the new location and revamped look.

Present to launch the grand opening of the store was the British High Commissioner to Brunei Darussalam, Richard Lindsay.

(L-R) Managing Director of Kensington BN Ismail Mourad handing over a gift to British High Commissioner, Richard Lindsay. Image: Wardi Wasil.



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