KFC makes eating its Crispy Tenders more enjoyable with its latest creation on the menu – KFC Dunk & Dip.

The fast-food franchise plays with flavour and texture through the combination of two new dips to go along with the boneless crispy chicken strips. 

To enjoy, one may dip the succulent KFC Crispy Tenders into the Smokey Zesty sauce before mixing it with the peppery crunch of the Crackling Rice Pops, which will give an explosion of flavours.

KFC Dunk & Dip is available in ala carte which comes with three pieces of Crispy Tenders along with the dipping sauce and rice pops for just $3.30. 

Meanwhile the combo meals start from $7.50 where you can choose either one or two pieces of chicken tenders, available with KFC signature dishes and a cup of carbonated drink.

“We want to ensure that our customers experience a good time whenever they choose to dine with us. This newly launched menu is created to bring a unique and fun eating experience to our customers,” said KFC Brunei General Manager Ooi.



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