KFC recently launched its latest innovation – The Zinger Waffle Burger – a unique take on the much-loved KFC Zinger burger.

Instead of the regular burger bun, The Zinger Waffle Burger offers premium Belgian Waffles sandwiching the spicy KFC Zinger fillet. 

Topped with a delicate golden Maple syrup and KFC mayo sauce, this new creation serves a perfect combination of sweet yet spicy flavours, and fluffy yet crunchy elements.

The KFC Zinger Waffle Burger is available for $6.90 à la carte or for combo and Mega Box meals starting at $5.70.

The combo comes with a regular Crispier Fries and a carbonated drink while the Mega Box includes an additional piece of Hot & Spicy or Original Recipe chicken.

The KFC Zinger Waffle Burger is available for a limited time only at all KFC branches in Brunei as well as for delivery.



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