Kg Penanjong to look at shrimp farming project 

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Waqiuddin Rajak

KG Penanjong is looking at the possibility of turning a 150 acre plot of land into a shrimp farm should the funds become available within the next few years. 

This was said by village head of Kg Penanjong Hj Jumat Hj Kadir during a two-day visit arranged by the Information Department to Helif Aquaculture, an 18-year-old shrimp farming company located in Kg Mentiri. 

Besides officials from the Information Department, 31 people from Kg Penanjong including members of its Village Consultative Council (MPK) were included in the entourage, visiting several fisheries and aquaculture sites throughout the country. 

“So during one of the visits, I am particularly interested in (Helif Aquaculture’s) briefing on how they operate their shrimp farms, and I feel that we can definitely succeed if we can emulate their ways,” he said. 

Kg Penanjong, he said, has larger land (150 acres) that can be used for shrimp farming, which also means that a larger funding will be needed if the MPK decides to turn it shrimp farms. 

“These lands were previously used for padi farming but over time, they became unsuitable to serve such purpose, so I think now is the best time for the people to think of shifting to other farms, especially shrimp farming,” said the village head. “About three to four years ago, there was also a company from Thailand surveying the land; and they found that the land is truly compatible for shrimp farming, but we would need about $3 million to initiate the project and run them,” he added. 

Besides from funding, he also noted that the MPK still have to learn more on the proper ways of running a shrimp farm; so things can be run smoothly if ever the plan to start the farm materialises in the nearer future. “There is also a possibility that for the project to be run by the Penanjong Youth Association (PERDA), but they will still be under MPK,” he said. 

“But definitely we would not be starting a shrimp farm anytime now; it is something that we need to carefully look at, but it would definitely be something that can benefit the younger generations in our village for years to come,” he added. 

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