Grand Motors, the exclusive distributor of Kia vehicles in Brunei, is introducing an all-new budget-friendly compact sedan, the Kia Soluto.

Customers who are looking for an entry-level urban car with an affordable price tag, look no further as the Soluto offers high-value, greater practicality and comfort than many of its rivals.

The new Soluto is aimed at first-time buyers and younger customers, and it appeals to both groups with its affordability to maintain.

The autodealer in a statement said that the Korean B-segment sedan is poised to give the best value to intelligent, and street-savvy young people set to buy their first brand-new cars.

“It embodies the spirit of a new generation of driven and young achievers eager to make a statement,” it added.

Simple yet catchy exterior

The latest addition to the Korean automaker may be inexpensive, but it still feels sturdy and well-built with its excellent packaging, efficient drive-train, and great standard.

On the outside, the four-door model introduces an upmarket design language with its headlamps integrated into the front grille and a large trapezoidal intake.

The first thing that grabs our attention is its pronounced fascia with its wide, horizontal face and signature ‘tiger-nose’ grille flanked by angular headlights that give the sedan a sportier and sturdy undertone. 

Whereas, the side profile of the Soluto showcases clean lines and a prominent shoulder crease that runs the length of the vehicle. 

Moving to the back, the sedan features a simpler and functional design with its angular combination taillights and body-coloured bumper.

Apart from the versatile body design, the Soluto also looks good wearing 14-inch alloy rims. 

Spacious and comfortable interior

Once you step inside, the Soluto exudes a relaxed and user-friendly package reminiscent of the Kia Rio with a cabin that is refreshingly straightforward and comfortably sits five passengers.

Despite being the entry-level model, the sedan is packed with a 7-inch touchscreen infotainment system featuring an integrated rearview camera, Bluetooth connectivity and Apple CarPlay and Android Auto compatibility was well put together enabling a minimalist interior.

In addition to that, the vehicle is also fitted with a Bluetooth hands-free and an AUX/USB connection, allowing passengers to talk and connect with their loved ones on the go.

However, what stood out from the interior was the placement of the window switches that were located below the air-conditioning controls.

With a 2,570 mm wheelbase, the Soluto offers ample cabin space for all passengers. Its legroom further adds to the spaciousness of the cabin, while a front passenger central armrest enhances comfort on all journeys.

In terms of storage, the Soluto has a maximum capacity of 475-litre boot that is rather remarkable for the car’s overall size making it one of the most versatile, useful cars in its class.

Performance and Safety

Apart from its stylish and versatile design, the sub-compact sedan also boasts more than adequate power and fuel efficiency.

The new Soluto is powered by the latest incarnation of Kia’s efficient 1.4-litre multi-point injection gasoline engine developing 95 ps and maximum torque of 133 Nm. 

The engine drives the front wheels and is available with a choice of five-speed manual transmission and four-speed automatic

In terms of safety, the Soluto impresses with features. The car is equipped with child anchor (ISOFIX), Anti-lock brake system (ABS), Rearview monitor, Parking Assist systems and many more.

For the high-spec version, it is equipped with an Electronic Stability Control (ESC) and Hill Start Assist Control (HAC).

The drive

Getting behind the wheel of the all-new Kia Soluto is fairly representative of what most buyers can expect in an entry-level sedan.

From the Collective Wildflower cafe to the buzzing Berakas road, the Kia provides a surprisingly fun and solid drive throughout.

Once the car is in motion, the outside noise is fairly suppressed down to a pin-drop and both passengers can enjoy a noise-free cabin.

Moreover, along the tight curve of the airport roundabout, there is minimal body roll and safety does not feel compromised on every twist and turns.

Adding to that, the Soluto also maintains its confidence and control over potholes and puddles.

It is responsive to throttle input and feels very light and nimble, making it easy to squeeze in tight spaces.

From the driver’s seat, the seat strikes a good balance between comfort and support, making the drive back from the busy traffic along the Serusop a pleasant and stable ride. 

Overall, the all-new Kia Soluto is the perfect balance of maximum practicality and comfort making it an easy car to drive, especially for first-time car buyers.

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This article was first published on September 19, 2020 in our Weekly E-Paper issue 107



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