The large stone walls made out of karst formation at the Jiuxiang Scenic Area Yunnan. Image: The Bruneian

The Eternal Spring City Kunming, the largest city of Yunnan province, is home to many natural picturesque sceneries and vibrant cultures from various ethnic groups.

Most of China’s ethnic minorities are in Yunnan with the Yi people as the biggest group living in the Spring city.

With the direct air connectivity between Brunei and Kunming via Lucky Air, which is just four hours away, it is convenient for travelers and holiday-makers to visit the Southwestern part of China.

It is definitely a must-visit place in China as it is ideal for those seeking a pleasant mix of both cultural and natural trips.

From our recent trip to Kunming, we were fascinated by the breath-taking view of its natural scenic places inside out; we got to enter caves before reaching a higher ground on the outside to see the mountainous greens.

In the previous Issue 47, we got to visit some of the attractive places that are ideal for Muslim travelers especially to mosques, halal eateries and places of interest.

Image: The Bruneian
Image: The Bruneian


Another remarkable tourist attraction is the Jiuxiang Scenic Region – famously known as the Museum of Karst Caves which also features not just caves but also rivers, waterfalls, gorges and forests.

It takes about three to four hours for visitors to complete the whole tour that includes exploring the karst caves, enjoying a boat ride and a one-way cable chair ride or a horse ride.

To enjoy the whole trip, one must be fit and healthy as there will be many stairs ascending and descending inside the cave, perfect for nature lovers and geological enthusiasts.

Visitors on a boat ride along the Green Shady Valley. Image: The Bruneian

Prior to entering the cave, take a boat ride through its Green Shady Valley and hear the echoes of sounds and voices off the cliff walls.

The cool and calm ambience along the river that is fringed with lush trees above, is a must to experience especially after a long bus ride to Jiuxiang.

Inside the caves, you will be greeted with cooler air, keeping you comfortable throughout the walk and not feeling sweaty.

What makes the cave formations even beautiful is the colourful lights that are projected on the stalactites and stalagmites in the caves, giving a mysterious mood.

Visitors seen taking photos inside the cave. Image: The Bruneian

It is not just walking through narrow pathways and rock bridges. Several minutes into the second cave, you will see the Male Lion Hall.

It is a spacious oval underground hall that is about 15,000 square meters with no pillars in the hall. You can spot a lion-like stalactite structure at the entrance of the cave – it is from this that it gets its name.

Towards the end of the cave adventure, have a break and relish in the mesmerising view of the mountainous greens of the Jiuxiang region via the chairlift which only takes 10 minutes.


Image: The Bruneian

The diverse and multicultural Yunnan is represented in an ensemble of ethnic folk dance, music and modern choreography in a live stage performance by a troupe of professional artists.

The two-hour show dubbed ‘Dynamic Yunnan’ features the traditions of the Yunnan people from about 11 ethnic groups, expressing the struggles and aspirations of the human condition.

Every minute of the performance was definitely worth the time and money, without fail making audience to be in awe with their high-energy and in-character mood.

The masterpiece has no one story line but made up of several numbers divided into four acts; The Sun, The Earth, Homeland and Pilgrimage, along with the prologue The Dawn of Life and epilogue Spirit of the Peacock.

Dynamic Yunnan is an attempt to create a living museum of traditions that must not be forgotten and live on through generations.

Some of the ethnic groups featured in the performance are such as Tibetan, Lisu, Naxi, Bai, Yi, Jingpo, Dai, Wa, Hani, Lahu and Jinuo.

Image: The Bruneian


If you’re feeling like picking fruits and never see grapes or peaches on its vines, you can do so in Kunming.

The Spring City is blessed with pleasant weather and fertile soil, giving it abundance of fresh produce available in many of the farms and fruit gardens in any of its counties.

Image: The Bruneian

Although the best time to Kunming is anytime of the year due to its nice weather, the best time to go there especially for harvesting is from March to October.

There are many fruit farms to choose from where you can pick them fresh from the trees and eat them on the spot. You just need to pay some fees for such activity and enjoy your time at the farm – an experience you will not encounter in hot and tropical climate.

Among the fruits that you can find in Yunnan are such as apple, pineapple, jackfruit, prickly pear, dragon fruit, grapes, pomegranate, guava and blueberry.

Kunming is an ideal choice for holiday makers who wants to experience a pleasant climate and not to be far away from home especially those from around the region.

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This article was first published on August 03, 2019 in our Weekly E-Paper issue 48

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