Lady winner walks home with new Citroen C4 

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Waqiuddin Rajak

A LADY winner walks away with a Citroen C4, after being named the winner of Citroen’s Double the Fun promotion campaign which started in December last year. 

Lam Vui Ting emerged as the winner of the grand prize after managing to choose the right key to unlock the car, ahead of her contender Muhammad Shahidan Bohari, who won the second prize, an iPhone X with 256GB memory. 

Both Lam and Muhammad Shahidan were eligible to win the grand prize as they both bought either Citroen of DS cars within the promotion period, which already ended by May this year. 

Lam shared that she was able to enter the lucky draw after buying a DS5 earlier this year, at a very good discount. 

“When I first knew I am eligible for the lucky draw, I was super happy.  I told my mother about it and she jokingly said to give it to her if she wins,” said Lam. 

Finally winning the car, Lam planned on giving brand new Citroen C4 to her parents, as she already has a DS5. 

The lucky draw was part of Citroen’s ‘Double the Fun: Purchase and Win and Test Drive and Win’ promotion campaign, where customers who purchased any Citroen or DS vehicles can win a brand  new Citroen C4 and other exciting gadgets. 

Throughout the promo, test-driving any of the vehicles equals eligibility to win a Samsung Galaxy Note 8 through a draw. 

These promotions were developed to further enhance the brand’s engagement and awareness in the country with customers as their priority 

Five out of 150 shortlisted customers were named at the Citroen showroom in Beribi yesterday, including both the first and second prize winners. 

Auto Makmur is Brunei’s official dealer of Citroen and DS vehicles, while the distribution line is managed by Grand Motors, with members of its management present to handover the prizes to the winners. 

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