Image: Azrina Zin

Local grassroots gallery Lamin Warisan yesterday brought Tutong culture to life through a series of games and activities centered around the 1960s kampong lifestyle.

Themed “Glam Kampong Galore – Sabi Dai Ga Lamin Warisan”, the one-day event managed to attract more than 150 visitors to tour along the historic structure of the house.

Image: Azrina Zin
Image: Azrina Zin

While being served traditional cuisines including Kubal and Ambuyat, all the visitors were also entertained to several traditional games including Kampong Bowling (using coconut and bottles filled with water),’ Pancing Botol’, Terompak, ‘Lari dalam guni’ and ‘umban rottan’.

Lamin Warisan is a gallery that was opened in 2012 to showcase traditional artifacts and documents belonging to the ethnic communities in Tutong.

Built in 1956, the house has kept memorabilia from as early as the 1950s – each of them boasting their own unique and lengthy history.

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