Learn traditional cuisines with Eco Ponies

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The ‘Luna Bar’ drinks and snacks bar at Eco Ponies Garden. Image: Ridhwan Kamarulzaman


Head over to Eco Ponies Garden this Sunday and learn how to make traditional delicacies like Penyaram, Linggang and Kuih Calak.

As part of the Brunei December Festival (BDF), Eco Ponies Garden in Tutong will be hosting an event that gathers traditional chefs from Kg Lamunin to conduct cooking classes, with performances and games to delight visitors.

“These cooking classes might just help you start your own business,” Eco Ponies’ Marketing Executive Mohd Ali Asmaie Hj Nasir said in a recent press conference.

“The local ethnic communities are knowledgeable on the type of herbs to be used for cooking and traditional medicine, and they are not commonly passed down these days,”

“So this could be a good chance to learn them and perhaps, bring the dishes commercially up in Brunei,” he added.

A picture of Kuih Penyaram, one of Brunei’s local delicacies . Image: Ridhwan Kamarulzaman

Besides cooking classes, Eco Ponies will feature traditional dances by Dusun, Kedayan, Tutong, Malay and Chinese ethnics.

From 9am to 4.30pm, visitors can also expect a unique “farm-to-table” cuisines and traditional handicrafts workshop, as well as traditional music performances.

Set within the serene surroundings of Kg Bang Nukat, Eco Ponies Garden is a unique farm-stay that not only promotes the culture of the Dusun and Tutong community, but also sustainable agriculture.

Built in 2015, the cosy cabin retreat offers visitors the experience of a farm-to-table living, as well as promoting fresh local produce by Tutong small-scale farmers, in line with its motto “Garden Grows, Community Grows.”

Having received over 800 visitors this year, the farm aims to be the top eco-tourism destination in Brunei highlighting sustainability and conservation to local and international guests.

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