Lexus Brunei recently unveiled a new generation of the IS sports sedan that boasts an eye-catching redesign and performance upgrade, making it sharper and stronger than its predecessor.

The 2021 Lexus IS comes in two variants; Luxury and F-Sport, bearing the agile and provocative concept embedded in the IS DNA.

The Lexus IS still in covers in the background prior to the unveiling ceremony. Image: Zaim Kasmat
The unveiling of the Lexus IS Luxury at Lexus Brunei’s showroom. Image: Zaim Kasmat

The IS range is built to last where its superb maneuverability and riding comfort were honed at Toyota’s state-of-the-art research and development facility in Shimoyama, tested in severe driving environment along a 5.3km country road test course with 75-meter elevation change, a wide range of curves and corners and various types of road surfaces.

The four-door sports sedan is serene and dynamic to drive whether it is a relaxed cruising in the city or getting through bends on hilly roads, giving driver and passengers a comfortable, seamless ride, thanks to IS’ improved performance and sensitivity.

The front fascia of the IS Luxury. Image: Zaim Kasmat
The front fascia of the IS F-Sport. Image: Zaim Kasmat

The new Lexus IS has been fine-tuned to every details that impact driving comfort such as vibration and harshness on bumpy roads, resulting to a more fulfilling driving experience.

Body rigidity was enhanced by, among others, reinforcing radiator side supports, increasing the number of front-side-member weld points, and optimizing structures from the C-pillars to the sides of the roof.

This has resulted in the complete elimination of unwanted noise and vibration and improved riding comfort, as well as in improvement of driving performance, such as in the form of response to steering wheel operation.

The rear lights of the Lexus IS. Image: Image: Zaim Kasmat
The rear ends of the Lexus IS. Image: Zaim Kasmat

Just for the F-Sport, the new-design 19-inch tires broadly improve cornering performance with the hub bolts are used to fasten the wheels, resulting in handling and braking that provide a good sensation due to increased fastening strength and reduced mass.

Moreover, the IS’ Active Sound Control enhances comfort and quietness during urban driving and delivers a powerful engine sound that creates a sense of driver-vehicle oneness in situations suited to enjoying aggressive driving.

The Lexus IS is powered by a 2.0-litre direct injection turbocharged engine, using a D-4ST technology that optimizes fuel efficiency and generates maximum torque of 350Nm in a broad range from 1650 to 4400rpm.

A lady seen holding the steering wheel of the Lexus IS. Image: Zaim Kasmat
The interior of the Lexus Luxury. Image: Zaim Kasmat

The engine features adaptive transmission control that evaluates the driving environment based on factors such as the depression of the accelerator by the driver, and selects the most-appropriate gear for each driving situation, achieving linear response to accelerator operation and driver intention.

Lexus IS: ravishing in and out

The IS combines advanced technology and dedicated craftsmanship. On the outside, the Lexus IS has an aggressive styling that evokes a sense of high-level driving performance.

Managing Director of NBT Brunei, the authorised local distributor of Toyota and Lexus vehicles, Hj Ahmad Omar Hj Husin seen posing from inside the Lexus F-Sport. Image: Zaim Kasmat
The engine of the Lexus IS. Image: Zaim Kasmat

It has muscular fenders, straight-line-type rear combination lamps sporting an ‘L’ motif and three-dimensional bumper garnishes that add to the aggressive look, and wide proportions based on a wide track evoke a sense of sporty driving.

The gently sloped rear-quarter pillars, which help form a firm cabin silhouette that wraps around from the sides, contrast with the muscular rear fenders, further enhancing an aggressive look.

Not only the headlamps are slender but the IS also features newly-developed compact and lightweight lamp units, a low center of gravity is expressed through low-positioned areas around the grille matched by lowered side character lines, as well as through the shape of the rear extremity of the trunk.

The 19-inch wheels of the Lexus F-Sport. Image: Zaim Kasmat

Furthermore, a new-design Spindle Grille features a three-dimensional, polyhedral structure that originates from the foremost tip of the grille to emphasise a sense of presence.

The Lexus signature L-shaped lightbar running across the trunk lid connects the left and right rear lamps with a single continuous line of LED lights, accentuating the wide stance and low centre of gravity.

The F-Sport version boasts an exclusive “F” mesh pattern and other specialised items, such as a grille-bottom air intake, a rear spoiler, and the exclusive Radiant Red Contrast Layering external panel.

The Lexus IS has two new exterior colours namely; Sonic Iridium, which takes advantage of strong shadows to further accentuate the shape of the vehicle, and Sonic Chrome, which exhibits a metallic quality in a high-gloss finish.

The push start button of the Lexus IS. Image: Zaim Kasmat
The interior of the Lexus F-Sport. Image: Zaim Kasmat

Lexus IS interior

The crafted IS cockpit entices one to drive the car as soon as entering the car, spelling comfort and luxury with its premium leather seats.

The excellent driving position, easy-to-operate steering wheel and pedals, and switches that fall naturally to hand are some of the factors that catch driver’s interest to owning the car.

In addition, part of the door trim is done in a graphic pattern of embossed intersecting lines, representing a new form of Lexus decorative expression.

The interior of the Lexus F-Sport. Image: Zaim Kasmat

Decorative ornamentation is finished for the first time in Black Geometric Film, or F Sport-exclusive Satin Chrome. Accents in surface treatments and other elements result in a sporty cabin atmosphere insistent on expressing the true qualities of the materials.

The multimedia system features a new 8-inch touchscreen and is compatible with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto that allow users to link their iPhone or Android smartphones for the remote control of the screen and audio functions, further enhancing user-friendliness.

Safety technologies

Safety features are crucial factors for car owners to look at when purchasing a car and with Lexus, it is no doubt that the brand prioritises advanced safety equipment.

The interior of the Lexus F-Sport. Image: Zaim Kasmat

Some of the new features introduced by Lexus for the IS include parking support brakes, which contribute to mitigation of damage in collisions due to pedal misapplication in places such as parking lots or in minor collisions with vehicles approaching from the rear.

Since the debut of the first generation of the IS in 1999, the model has pursued the fun of driving unique to compact rear-wheel-drive sports sedans.

The rear view of the Lexus F-Sport. Image: Zaim Kasmat

The IS has earned popularity through its high-level driving performance, as well as through its sporty styling, selling an approximate cumulative total of 1.09 million units over a span of more than 20 years.

To see the IS Luxury and IS F-Sport up close, visit the Lexus showroom in Gadong or book a test-drive via its website



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