TLT Enterprise’s Managing Partner Jeremy Tan Kai Teck (L) shaking hands with Brunei’s pro MMA fighter Mohd Adib Pehin Hj Sulaiman. Image: Waqiuddin Rajak

Two local companies have given full-sponsorships to local Mixed Martial Art (MMA) stars who will be fighting against international opponents at the One Warrior Series 7th cycle in Singapore next week.

The firms – TLT Enterprise who owned the Suci Brand Water and car detailing company OCDBN – have also decided to appoint both Mohd Adib Pehin Hj Sulaiman and Mohd Nurhidayat Abdul to be their respective brand ambassadors.

Brunei’s pro MMA fighter Mohd Adib Pehin Hj Sulaiman (2nd R) signing the sponsorship document. Image: Waqiuddin Rajak

TLT’s Managing Partner Jeremy Tan said the decision to sponsor Mohd Adib was made after looking at the fighter’s good track record where he had represented Brunei thrice and winning twice in the international MMA arena.

At the same time, giving out such financing is also part of the company’s initiative to give back to the community, particularly to support local talents likely to perform well overseas.

TLT Enterprise’s Managing Partner Jeremy Tan Kai Teck delivering his speech. Image: Waqiuddin Rajak

“Suci is a 100 percent Bruneian brand…and what we want to do is definitely to give our full support to our fellow Bruneians. That is why every year we come up with several initiatives in view of such,” he said.

“But while we set up all these funds, we definitely want to see results too. Previously we did sponsored a number of local talents to perform overseas and they all gave satisfactory results,”

“All in all, we definitely welcome any discussions from local talents looking for sponsorships and see where we can go from there,” he added.

Sharing the same sentiment, OCDBN co-owners Muhd Hafiz Ramlee and Abdul Rashid Hj Zakaria added that it was also due to their interest in MMA that they decided to sponsor Mohd Nurhidayat for his next fights.

OCDBN duos Muhammad Hafiz Ramlee (L) and Abdul Rashid Hj Zakaria (R) in a picture with fighter Mohd Norhidayat Abdul. Image: Waqiuddin Rajak

“We are both avid fans of MMA, but we are too old to compete so the only thing we can do is to help boost his chance to perform well in his tournaments” they said.

“Win or lose is natural – we will definitely support him so long as he continued to do his best in his matches. After all, we are also looking to grow together with him,” they added.

Both fighters are scheduled to fight in Singapore on August 6. Mohd Adib will be pitched against Ismael Bandiwan, a fighter from the Philippines who holds an MMA record of five wins and two losses. Mohd Nurhidayat will be fighting against Indonesia’s top prospect Toreq Rayis.

One Warrior Series, a platform under One Championship, is an international mixed martial arts event that is based in Singapore and is currently on its seventh series cycle. Their fights can also be viewed live via One Championship Facebook account.



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