Generation-Z will kick off its first dance showcase demonstrating a diversity of dance styles ranging from bollywood to traditional dance later this month.

The one-night event, Just Dance Vol 1, will feature a series of dance performances from fifty local talents led by six local instructors. It will bring together new and experienced choreographers and dancers from Soul industry, Bruhooders, En Pointe Academy and Pink Vanilla. 

The event is slated to be held on October 27 at the International School Brunei (ISB) Theatre at 7.30pm.

Ho Siew Chin, Co-founder of Generation-Z, said that the group came with the idea of creating a platform to bring together talent from all over the local dance community in order to share ideas and space together.

Image: Courtesy of Generation Z.

“Events like this aren’t just for fun, they’re also creating much needed exposure for the emerging talents of local dance community,” said Ho, adding that the event is also hoped to to increase the visibility of the local dance scene.

Generation-Z was founded in 2017 with the objective to provide skill-enhancing programmes to the youths in the sultanate.

“Our aim is to make local communities more accessible to the youth. We are committed to the young generation leading change,” said Ho.

Tickets are priced from $20 to $25 and are available at Food Messenger Restaurant, Soul Industry Studio and Melissa’s Playhouse.

For more enquiries, you can reach Generation Z at 7319775 or 8922431, or follow them on Instagram @generation.z.



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