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This article was first published on May 06, 2019 in our Weekly E-Paper issue 35

Aziq Azman

Established in 2016, the Nuara Group has made no small strides in achieving its goals for a more connected society.

Having won the local Brunei Ricebowl Awards in 2018, the company has gone on to be announced champions of the World Summit on Information Society awards in the ICT Applications/E-Business category.

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After receiving the awards in Geneva, Switzerland, Reda Jazmine Abdul Rahman Taib, Chief Executive Officer of Nuara, told The Bruneian, “its huge for us, but also very humbling.”

Predicting the need for digitization increase in the near future, Reda Jasmine says Nuara Group is positioned to offer custom solutions that provide the best fir for their clients.

“Digitization should be a blanket solution, to provide the same opportunities for all,” Reda Jasmine said.

Offering off-the-shelf and custom tailored software solutions, consultation and IT services, Co-Founder and Managing Director Barbora Grexa emphasized the importance of tailored approaches.

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“I think automation as a goal, if done well, can benefit companies. Identification of the right solutions for the right problems at the right time, that’s where we stand out,” she said.

Going on to explain the non-stop research poured into the development of their solutions, Barbora says that understanding the client’s original processes is paramount before a better solution is proposed.

“Most digitization projects fail where there is a lack of communication and integration, that’s why we listen not just to the managers but also the ground people who will be using these solutions everyday,” she continued.

“Our enterprise resources streamline processes, reduce inefficiency and increase productivity,” Barbora added.

With clients ranging from companies with 500 down to 10 employees, Barbora went on to say how their solutions are not only affordable but also scalable.

“Like any business we had obstacles along the way. One of them was how when we started, the industry wasn’t ready yet and we were a very young company in a new market, but we saw the shift towards automation and digitization” she said.

On their vision of the future of the industry, Business Administrator Dk Hazimah Pg Sabri noted, “Digitization is about making your life easier, sooner or later everything will be digitized, and we should plan for the future.”

Image: Nuara Group

Reda Jasmine was hopeful that in the next 20 years, Brunei would not be left behind, but also states, “as a nation we are already quite digitized, but along with that comes social responsibility.”

Along with their solutions, the team also places importance on knowledge sharing.

“Knowledge sharing impacts society, and by being a Bruneian company we not only provide revenue income but also a place to train and nurture our local talent,” continued Reda Jasmine, highlighting the importance of growth potential for staff.

“The team was key to our achievement, without them we would not be where we are,” she added.

She adds that with ongoing dialogue and nurturing diversity to create an atmosphere of inclusion and community, there is great potential for improvement in the market of IT solutions and software services.

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