Whether you are completing your monthly shopping list or buying ingredients for your stuffed chicken parmesan recipe, Kadairuncit.com allows users the convenience of shopping from home, eliminating the need to queue up or navigate the aisles.

The local online store that was launched in 2017 aimed to provide a platform where consumers can seamlessly purchase items ranging from fresh produce, beverages, snacks and rice; and have them delivered right to their doorsteps.

Head of Marketing Siti Rafidah Hj Duraim in an interview with The Bruneian said that the decision to come up with the initiative was to eliminate the hassle of shopping.

“The idea for Kadairuncit.com is actually based on our (collective) personal experience from the frustration of having to wait in line for the cashier to difficulty in finding the items we needed,” she shared.

The idea behind the website’s name came from the local quote “singgah dulu ke kadai” (drop by a store first) with a brand name that is closer to home hence, “kadai runcit” which means grocery store.

Since its debut, the online store has gained a growing number of 300 registered users since it was first introduced. 

“When we first started, it was slow but overtime people became more adapting and are starting to trust shopping online,” she added.

According to Rafidah,  the company has observed that due to the increasing number of online sellers in 2018, consumers  are slowly shifting towards online shopping platforms. 

On the side, vendors would also benefit from the Kadairuncit.com as they are able to accept card payments at a low cost with no registration and monthly fees. 

How to shop at Kadairuncit.com

From buying your groceries to making donations, with just a few clicks, Kadairuncit.com, users can search and browse through the wide range of offerings based on categories such as frozen, pantry and fresh produce, among others.

The easy-to-use website currently has a growing number of 80 online business and 50 vendors ranging from bruneihalalfood, Sabli’s and Guan Hock Lee.

Moreover, if an item is low in stock or not available on the website, users can contact Kadairuncit.com via their direct WhatsApp link on the website to get their hands on the original item. 

Not only that, but users can also save time and money by purchasing items in bundle packs at Kadairuncit.com from their “Laundry Care” to “Resepi Ayam Kari” packs.

For Ramadhan, she added, the store also offers “Pakej Sedekah” where customers can select any amount they want to donate for example $1 for 3 bottles of Air Suci 330ml and choose any mosque they wanted to be delivered.

Moreover, there is no minimum spend on orders and Kadairuncit.com only charges a fixed delivery and service fees. Users can make payments through credit/debit card, bank transfer or ABDB Credit Scheme.

According to Rafidah, Kadairuncit.com eyes to expand their selection of products and enhance customer experience in the country.

The team behind Kadairuncit.com is constantly looking for ways to improve its services and features in its commitment to providing customers and vendors’ convenient ways to shop online, added the marketing head.

As for future plans, Kadairuncit.com aims to go beyond the easy-to-use website and plans to debut their new Kadairuncit service app sometime this year.



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