(From L to R): Managing Director David Riekie, Marketing Director Caroline Ang Riekie, Lead Instructors Yvonne Tan and Siti Jasmine Abdullah as well as Learning Support Assistant Nana Bong posing for a picture. Image: Riekie Tutoring/FasTracKids Enrichment Centre

Local startup Riekie Tutoring wants to introduce its robot-based learning method to Brunei, with an open day slated for tomorrow to explain to the public the kind of courses it has to offer.

The tutoring firm is conducting these classes through its partnership with global enrichment company FasTracKids, who had acquired the robotics technology from US-based Modular Robotics Inc.

Marketing Director Caroline Ang Riekie explained that the method made use of a device called “Cubelets” – which is an expendable system of robot blocks that could “sense, think and act”.

“These Cubelets are meant to introduce the basics of engineering, technology and computational thinking to children age five to eight where they will be tasked to produce various robotic designs – from simple builds to the more sophisticated ones,” she said.

“They are expected to critically think, use their creativity and communicate well with their group to produce their own designs,” she added.

She explained that children does not necessarily have to know anything about robotics to take up on the courses – as the programmes are already catered to teach them the technology step by step.

“The challenges they faced are also designed according to how they progress – so by the end of the course, they will at least have the foundation they need to start coding (for computerised softwares and applications),” the marketing director said.

Despite being new to Brunei, the robotics technology has already been implemented in over 50 countries including Vietnam, Thailand, USA, Cambodia, Mexico, Romania, India, Kazakhstan and Russian.

Riekie Tutoring began its operation in August this year, specialising in Maths for international school curriculum students.  It is also the only school that has the robotic learning technology as of now.

Additionally the local firm is also inviting parents to come to its open day at its premise, No. 7, 1st Floor, BangunanHasbullah 1, Jalan Gadong, tomorrow.  It will start from 2pm to 5pm with fun activities arranged.


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