Image: Zaim Kasmat

Lof Cakes and Bakery yesterday unveiled its new range of healthy bread products – Arabic Gum Oatmeal Bread and High Calcium Milk Bread.

The bakery is promoting their new selection of breads as healthier alternatives for health-conscious consumers due the health benefits of the Arabic gum which helps ease digestion and reduce blood sugar levels.

Image: Zaim Kasmat

“It is the first ever type of bread (Arabic Gum Oatmeal) for us and in Brunei. We always stick to our principle of bringing customers healthier choices of bread,” said Lof’s marketing executive Agnes Jong.

The Arabic Gum bread is fully enriched with natural probiotics, low sugar, low fat, high fiber and no added preservatives.

Image: Zaim Kasmat

Meanwhile, the milk bread has a soft and fluffy texture that is available in sliced loaves, great to be eaten on its own as it melts in your mouth or dip it in your favourite hot beverage.

The rich and airy breads are each priced at B$2.90 and B$2 respectively which you can get them at all of Lof Cakes and Bakery outlets nationwide.

Another Arabic Gum product is the well-known Better Café Arabic Gum and Munif Cocoa Arabic Gum which are sold at B2.50 per bottle at all of the bakery’s branches.

Image: Zaim Kasmat

“We are also one of the distributors of the (Arabic Gum) coffee and chocolate drinks in Brunei and the products were indeed selling fast in our outlets. So the breads was also inspired by these products…” said Jong.



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