Waqiuddin Rajak

PROGRESIF Headquarters in Gadong cracked up with laughter as the public got another taste of Brunei’s up-and-coming stand-up comedy scene.

Bruhaha’s founder Zainal Bostamam said last night was the second of the community’s double header show and  line-up of comedians armed with jokes ranging from hearing problems, people without hair, dad jokes, being single.

Laughter and smiles filled in the air as each of the comedians went up on stage and share with the audience their personalized punch-lines, some performed with gimmicks and some shared unique real-life experiences.


“What I taught them was to make a joke out of their personal experience, so that it could strongly relate to the audience,” he said.

“And when you manage to relate your jokes to them, that’s the sweet spot,” he added.

Last night’s show was probably about the 17th one the community had set up, said Zainal, including those done publicly and privately.

The next show, said Zainal, will be in August, “and in between, we might put workshops and private graduation shows.”

“So follow us on Instagram and Facebook to learn more about our next events, and we also post information about our workshops for anyone who’s interested to try,” Zainal said.

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