ENTERING the market for family SUVs in Brunei yesterday was the all-new Mazda CX-9 completely redesigned to provide safety and comfort for everyone.

A little walkthrough of the vehicle’s specs give an idea of just how serious Mazda is at becoming the ideal SUV for families.

Powering the second generation CX-9 is a turbo-charged 2.5L in-line four cylinder engine, a scale down from its previous 3.5L V6 engine indicating a move to more fuel efficiency and savings.

Improving its safety features Mazda has equipped the CX-9 with the new lane-keep assist (LAS) and lane departure warning systems (LDWS) to match its automatic braking systems, cruise control and adaptive front-lighting system (which are equipped in the older models).

As in other Mazda models, both systems work in tandem – where the former helps drivers to make turns at ease, and the latter warns drivers by vibrating the steering wheel or making a sound when they stray from the lane.

The LAS is also adapting to a progressive approach when assisting drivers to stay within the correct lanes – but it will deactivate its warning if it senses that the drivers’ hands have been taken off the wheel.

Despite this second generation CX-9 being a bit shorter than its immediate predecessor, its wheelbase has been stretched allowing more legroom for rear passengers.

Additionally, the seats in the second row can also slide to a longer distance, providing a wider gap – making it easier for passengers to access the rear-end seats.

The all-new CX-9 was launched at Grand Motor’s showroom in Beribi today.


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