Mexicana Chicken Burger the latest burger item available at McDonald’s Brunei. Image: The Bruneian

Indulge in a fiesta of flavours in every bite of McDonald’s Mexicana Chicken Burger.

The latest specialty burger by the fast food chain is slightly bigger in size as it contains an extra-large crispy chicken patty.

The patty is further complemented with layers of creamy white cheddar cheese slice, red capsicum, lettuce and tomatoes, splashed with tangy Jalapeno sauce and special tomato mayo, all filled between shiny glazed buns. 

Patrons and burger lovers can choose to have either ala carte at just B$7.50 or upgrade to meal with french fries and drink at B$8.50 and at B$9.10 for medium and large-sized meals, respectively. 

The Mexicana Chicken Burger is available for a limited time only and you can have it for dine-in, takeaway, McDelivery and Drive Thru. 

Moreover, customers can still enjoy more value with McCafé beverages by exchanging their regular drinks to any of the McCafé beverages ranging from its new frappe, coffee, chocolate and tea. 

McCafé coffee is made from 100 per cent premium quality Arabica beans that are professionally prepared by trained baristas. 

Enjoy joyful ranges of Frappes offered at McCafé – local favourite Durian Frappe, Strawberry Frappe or Cookies & Cream Frappe – available in medium or large sizes only.

Durian Frappe is available at B$3 for medium and B$4 for large sizes. For both Strawberry and Cookies & Cream Frappe, they are available at B$4 and B$5 for medium and large respectively.


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