Drop by your friendly neigbourhood grocer, the recently opened Maju Grocer Supermarket (MGS) located at Simpang 659 in Kg Jangsak!

MGS is an integrated modern concept supermarket that specialises in fresh fruits and vegetables, high-quality baked goods and ingredients, top-of-the-line frozen seafood products as well as premium meat products that are available every day. 

General view of the Maju Grocer Supermarket (MGS) located in Kampong Jangsak. Image: Yusri Adanan

Managing Director Sam Ying Kok, shared how MGS’ big opening initially coincided with the first reports of the COVID-19 resurgence in Brunei Darussalam on 7 August 2021, prompting the event and a number of scheduled promotional activities to be postponed. 

LSK Director Sam Ying Kok. Image: Yusri Adanan

Not to be deterred by the developments, MGS continued operations sans opening ceremony with a renewed vigour towards ensuring customers are able to shop for their daily necessities comfortably while also maintaining strict COVID-19 guidelines not only for the safety of the customers but also the community. 

“Despite our modest opening, the first few days, we have received a great response from customers living in the surrounding area, of course this comes at a time, where the demand for groceries has surged due to the current COVID-19 circumstances,” he said. 

Fresh vegetables and fruits section also located outside next to the main entrence. Image: Yusri Adanan
Some of the fresh vegetables available. Image: Yusri Adanan

With this, the supermarket wasted no time in displaying the BruHealth QR Codes in both of its entrances front and back along with a temperature screening and hand sanitizer system which is also available on all the cashier desks. 

He added that MGS intends to run a programme where every customer will be supplied with a face mask as well as a small bottle of hand sanitizers, as a means for the supermarket to play its part in helping the country combat the coronavirus pandemic. 

“We have a number of face masks currently, the quantity is not a lot yet but we are ordering more and once those arrive, we will be able to play our part in helping our customers and the community to stay safe,” he continued. 

Image: Yusri Adanan

He also went on to advise customers to play their own part by adhering to the COVID-19 measures that have been issued by the government; hoping for customers be disciplined and maintain social distancing while at the supermarket. 

Image: Yusri Adanan

For Sam, the opening of MGS is a significant milestone for the entrepreneurs journey, hoping to introduce to the Bruneian market a different supermarket experience, that invokes the friendly neighbourhood grocer that carries high-end and unique products. 

“The supermarket will strive to build a modern comprehensive supermarket with a new business philosophy, management system and service level that will continue to develop and innovate to meet the needs of consumers through a unique style of service,” he added. 

Image: Yusri Adanan
Image: Yusri Adanan

He then highlighted one of MGS’s specialties which is providing fresh fruits and vegetables at extremely affordable prices, noting that the front of the store fucntion as an open market of sorts where customers can buy these fresh products at wholesale prices.

“The second thing people can expect from MGS is some high-end seafood products which will cater to everyone’s needs. Here at MGS eventhough we are a supermarket, but we want to set ourself apart so if you go through our frozen section you can find the best quality cod, salmon, lobster and even some Alaskan king crabs,” added Sam. 

The managing director also highlighted the supermarkets vision of supplying customers with the freshest meats, from chicken, beef to lamb, however he noted how due to the current situation, supplies of these products may be unstable for a little while. 

Image: Yusri Adanan

“Our last pillar would be our extensive list of baking ingredients because we are complete with everything that you might need from cooking cream, premix, chocolates and even all kinds of nuts such as almond, pecan and macademia,” he shared. 

Image: Yusri Adanan

Ultimately, MGS intends to give customers a different and unique experience, hoping to emulate entities like Jaya Grocer from Malaysia, with future plans of establishing an online delivery services that would deliver groceries to the customers’s doorstep, of course within a certain radius. 

“To eventually become an E-grocer, this is what we want, however MGS is not mature yet so before we do this, we have to make sure that we have manpower that are ready because we want to make sure that our customers are assured with the quality of our products and services,” he said. 

Image: Yusri Adanan
Image: Yusri Adanan

The new supermarket is open from 7am to 10.30pm daily and closed from 12 noon to 2pm every Friday.

Anyone who purchases 20 dollars or more in the supermarket will be entitled to a shopping bag, while stocks last. MGS will also launch some very discounted products for promotions every month. 

People can follow their Instagram account @majugrocersupermarket to get the latest news. #TheBruneianNews

Image: Yusri Adanan
Image: Yusri Adanan

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This article was first published on 14 August 2021 in our Weekly E-Paper issue 154



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