Local creative agency MixMedia has been named the ‘Most Innovative Digital Marketing Solutions 2020’ for the Global Business Outlook Award, marking another milestone for its tireless effort in expanding the digital media division for the past few years.

Chief Executive Officer of MixMedia Azlan Ahmad praised the team’s effort and proud of the success.

“It is important for us as a creative and media agency to adapt and be ready with the ever-growing digital platforms and technologies that are available in the market. As a team, we are constantly working to provide innovative digital solutions for businesses to help them grow,” he said.

In 2013, MixMedia introduced Mixel their interactive standing digital advertising screens which have now grown into a suite of digital devices which include the Mixel Mini, the Mixel+ and the Mixel SmartBoard. 

Courtesy of MixMedia

Meanwhile, in 2014, the MixMedia Social division was created to expand further their digital marketing services which now offer social media management and social media advertising.

For the award, MixMedia was nominated for three categories – Most Innovative Digital Marketing Solutions-Brunei 2020, Most Innovative Business Transformation Solutions Provider-Brunei 2020, and Most Innovative Social Media Marketing Portfolio-Brunei 2020.

Being the only Bruneian company to be awarded this year, MixMedia went through an evaluation process over a period of three months before being officially awarded. The company has also won Asia’s Most Promising SME Award in 2018 by ACES.

The Global Business Outlook awards offer recognition to companies from both large firms and small markets that adapt international models nationally and regionally.

The goal is to make certain that creativity, innovation and the passion to create value be recognised and rewarded excellence.

With its headquarter in the UK, the team at Global Business Outlook were looking at top-performing organisations in Brunei and around the world for their 6th Annual Business Award.

Courtesy of MixMedia

This article was first published on December 12, 2020 in our Weekly E-Paper issue 119



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